Be Our Guest Pre-Park Opening Breakfast

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Be Our Guest is a restaurant located in Magic Kingdom. Since it opened, it has become one of the most difficult dining reservations to grab. Eating a meal at Be Our Guest is the only way to experience the inside of Beast’s Castle. That is just one of the reasons that breakfast at Be Our Guest has become so popular.

This post is pretty comprehensive (aka, long!) as I wanted it to be a complete guide to everything you need to know about using a pre-park opening Be Our Guest breakfast strategy. Use the table of contents to jump to parts of the article that are most relevant to you.

Be Our Guest Breakfast Hours and Dining Plan Information

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but different meals have different restaurant type designations. Both breakfast and lunch are considered Quick Service meals, while dinner is not only a Table Service meal, it was recently upgraded to a Signature Restaurant. This means it’s more of a fine dining experience than a normal Table Service Restaurant.

Be Our Guest Hours of Operation:

  • Breakfast 8:00a-10:30a
  • Lunch 11:00a-2:30p
  • Dinner 4:00p-closing

Both lunch and breakfast at Be Our Guest are considered great uses of the Disney Dining Plan because of the high prices of the entrees. Lunch and breakfast each use 1 Quick Service credit. Dinner will use 2 Table Service credits due to its designation as a Signature Restaurant.

Be Our Guest Breakfast Characters

Many people assume you can meet the Beast during all meals Be Our Guest, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Dinner is the only meal where the Beast makes an appearance, so if meeting the Beast is your priority, you need a reservation for dinner.

Be Our Guest Dining Rooms

Beast’s Castle offers up three different rooms for your dining pleasure. While all of the rooms have their own unique (and sometimes awesome) touches, they are not all created equal. There are times when only two of the dining rooms are opened for seating, typically when the restaurant is just opening. But all the rooms open up as soon as a larger crowd arrives.

Regardless of which room you end up eating in, you should absolutely take the time to explore each of the dining rooms and take plenty of pictures.

The Grand Ballroom

This is the largest room, and the center of the castle. The detail that was put into the design of this room is amazing. It looks and feels as if you just walked into the movie. The ceiling is painted to match the cherubs in the movie, there is a (faux) balcony running around the room, etc.

But the best feature of The Grand Ballroom is the large window. Just like the ball scene in the movie, the window allows you to see the snow falling outside. That’s right, you can sit in a castle in Florida and watch snow falling through the window. It’s pretty darn neat.

The biggest downside of The Grand Ballroom is simply it’s size. It has more of a cafeteria feel than any of the other rooms. But a cafeteria inside of a castle. It’s simply noisier and more crowded than the other dining rooms.

The West Wing

This dining room represents the Beast’s famed West Wing study in the movie. The West Wing is much smaller in size, creating a much different dining experience than the Grand Ballroom.

In the West Wing you will find the Enchanted Rose which is so central to the story. As in the movie, this Enchanted Rose also has magic, so make sure to keep an eye on it. Along those same lines, the portrait of the Prince is another highlight of the room. When the thunder rolls and the lightning flashes, make sure to watch the portrait and the rose.

Because of its sheer awesomeness, and the small size, the West Wing will fill up quickly. If you know you want to sit there, make a b-line to stake your claim before you go exploring.

It is rather dim inside the room, but don’t let that deter you. I heard many people state the room was too dark as they left and found seating elsewhere. This is a huge mistake. Your eyes will adjust, you can see your food just fine, and it’s simply the best seat in the house.

Be Our Guest-The West Wing

The Castle Gallery

This room is inspired by Belle’s private library. The centerpiece in this room is the larger than life statue of Belle and the Beast dancing together. The figures rotate through the dance, similar to a musical jewelry box figurine.

I have not had the chance to personally eat in this room yet. This is the dining room that always seems to be closed off when I am looking for a place to sit. If it is available, I would still choose this dining room over the Grand Ballroom, but the West Wing will always be my preference.

What Does Pre-Park Opening Mean?

A Pre-Park Opening dining reservation, or PPO, is a reservation for breakfast before the park opens. Each one of the parks has at least one restaurant that offers Pre-Park Opening breakfast reservations.

The obvious advantage of a PPO reservation is that it provides you with early access to the park. While this might not give you the luxury of a completely empty park to wander through, it’s as close as you are going to get.

There are PhotoPass photographers already in place along Main Street and in front of the castle, just waiting to take your picture. The lines during this time are the shortest you will likely see all day, so definitely take advantage of them.

However, the biggest advantage to a Pre-Park Opening breakfast reservation isn’t just the almost empty stroll through the park. The biggest perk is what you can accomplish after your meal is over. But more on that later!

Pre-Park Opening Breakfast Reservations at Magic Kingdom

There are four restaurants that offer Pre-Park Opening breakfast reservations at Magic Kingdom. Of the three restaurant choices, Be Our Guest is the only Quick Service option, which is a huge advantage if Rope Drop is your goal.

The restaurants which offer the PPO breakfast reservations are Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Plaza, and Crystal Palace. All of the restaurants are very popular, but Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table are considered to be some of the most sought after reservations in Disney World.

Why is Be Our Guest the best Pre-Park Opening Breakfast Reservation?

The distinct disadvantage of either Cinderella’s Royal Table or Crystal Palace in terms of a PPO breakfast strategy simply centers around the fact that they are both not only Table Service restaurants, but Character Meals on top of that.

What does that mean if you are trying to also get to a ride at Rope Drop? It means that you will have one very rushed breakfast in order to do that.

I typically recommend budgeting around 1.5 hours for any character meal. If you want to have the time to see all of the characters, have quality interactions with them, and eat really good food, you just can’t do that in less than an hour.

This is especially true for Cinderella’s Royal Table, which is a Signature Restaurant. It would be a shame to spend that much money on a meal (or that many dining plan credits) to rush through it. Cinderella’s Royal Table is a hallmark experience at Disney World. Please give it the attention it deserves.

With that in mind, the only restaurant I recommend for a PPO breakfast reservation is Be Our Guest. Because it is Quick Service, if you have an 8:00a reservation, you will be done with your meal in plenty of time to position yourself advantageously for Rope Drop.

If you want to go to Cinderella’s Royal Table or Crystal Palace for breakfast, my recommendation is to make your reservation for 10:00a or later. That allows you to take advantage of the lower crowds after park opening before taking your time to enjoy a great Character Meal.

Tip: Laura, one of my readers, told me about a great tip for Cinderella’s Royal Table. If you book breakfast at around 9:05a you still get to enter with the pre-park opening crowd. Where you get to wait is the tunnel on the back side of Cinderella’s Castle. From there you can see behind the scenes of the opening stage show, including seeing the characters coming and going! What a great experience!

Beast's Castle

Using a Pre-Park Opening Reservation during Extra Morning Magic vs. Extra Magic Hours

There is one thing that will completely derail a pre-park opening reservation strategy, and one thing that will affect it, but not completely derail it. The first is if that day has AM Extra Magic Hours, the second is it is a day with Extra Morning Magic.

What are Extra Magic Hours?

First, AM Extra Magic Hours is the extra hour of park time that guests staying at Disney resorts can enjoy. Morning Extra Magic Hours will typically begin an hour before the park opens to the general public. I’m sure you can begin to see the problem…

If the park opens for Extra Magic Hours at 8:00a, and your reservation at Be Our Guest is at 8:00a, you just lost all the benefits of having an early breakfast reservation. Not only will the park not be semi-empty for those easy castle pics, but everyone will already be on the rides by the time you are done with your breakfast.

If your Magic Kingdom park day falls on an AM Extra Magic Hours day, don’t waste prime park time eating your breakfast. If simply having breakfast at Be Our Guest is what you want, make your reservation after 10:00a.

Be Our Guest Entrance

Extra Morning Magic

Not to be confused with AM Extra Magic Hours, Extra Morning Magic is an entirely different event. Disney just likes to confuse people by giving them similar names…

Extra Morning Magic is a separate ticketed event that runs on some mornings at Magic Kingdom (and Hollywood Studios!). A small number of tickets are sold, and those people get access to Fantasyland from 7:45a until 9:00a, when the park opens to everyone.

This means that people are already on the rides that you want to get in line for when you are done with breakfast. However, because this is, by nature, a small event, guests with a PPO breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest are still able to get in prime position to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight when the park opens at 9.

So, if your Magic Kingdom Park day falls on a day with Extra Morning Magic, you are still good to go. You will have more people walking down Main Street with you, but you can still enjoy the almost empty atmosphere and easy rope drop access to rides.

Be Our Guest Reservations

Even though Be Our Guest is a Quick Service restaurant for breakfast and lunch, a dining reservation is an absolute must.

Walk up seating at Be Our Guest isn’t completely unheard of, but it’s not likely. And without a reservation, you will not be permitted to enter the park early with the rest of the Pre-Park Opening crowd.

I recommend that you read up on how to book an Advanced Dining Reservation before your 180-day reservation window opens. It helps to understand the process before you do it. Prioritize a PPO reservation at Be Our Guest as one of the first, if not the absolute first, reservation you make.

Tip: When searching for a Pre-Park Opening breakfast reservation, input a specific time, like 8:00a. If you just select “Breakfast” it might not show you times before 9:00a.

The closer you can get your reservation to 8:00a, the better your chances are of being in a good position for rope drop.

What if I couldn’t get a Be Our Guest Pre-Park Opening Breakfast Reservation?

As I mentioned above, any reservation for Be Our Guest is highly competitive, and the PPO times are even worse. There is the possibility that a PPO reservation will not be available on your park day, even 180 days in advance.

But do not fear, you still have a good chance of grabbing one over the next 6 months. Dining reservations are constantly in flux. People are always modifying their reservations trying to get better times. That gives you a window of opportunity.

If you have a Touring Plans membership, you have access to their Dining Reservation Finder tool. This allows you to set up an alert to be notified if your desired reservation time opens up. I recently used this to get an 8:05a Be Our Guest reservation less than 2 months before my trip, during a busy time of year. It works.

If you don’t have a Touring Plans membership, try Mouse Dining reservation alert system instead. They allow anyone to create an account and set up 6 alerts for free. Any more alerts than that and you have some inexpensive membership options.

How to Get to Be Our Guest Before the Park Opens

Magic Kingdom cast members allow those with Pre-Park Opening breakfast reservations and Extra Morning Magic tickets into the park at 7:45a. With that in mind, I recommend that you plan to be at Magic Kingdom, and through security, by 7:30a.

Once you clear security, you want to head towards the left of the gates. That is where cast members will meet you and scan your magic band to verify your reservation. They will also hand you a little flyer with information on it.

After this, they let you through the gates to wait in the area in front of the train station. Once the clock strikes 7:45a, they let the Pre-Park Opening guests into the park.

This gives you at least 15 minutes to enjoy the park before your reservation if you scored an 8:00a reservation. I highly recommend you take advantage of the short lines at the PhotoPass photographers to get some castle pictures.

Also, take tons of pictures with your own phone or camera. You will likely not have another opportunity to get pictures with the park quite this empty.

When you are ready, head over to the pathway to the left of the Castle. There are more cast members there to again verify that you have a reservation. Sometimes simply handing them the flyer is enough, other times they’ll scan your magic band.

You now have access into Fantasyland via that path the goes behind the castle. The Cast Members do not allow access to the other lands until the park officially opens.

Pre-Order Breakfast at Be Our Guest

A very important aspect of this strategy is the ability to pre-order your breakfast at Be Our Guest. Approximately one month before your reservation, you can pre-order your food. If you go into the My Disney Experience App, next to your reservation you will see a notation for either how many days until you can pre-order, or a button allowing you to order.

Of note, you can’t pre-order directly on the app, you need to go to the My Disney Experience website in order to do it.

This function simply enables you to be more efficient with your reservation. If rope drop is your aim, this will help cut out some of the waiting time at the restaurant. Both times we have used this strategy, the pre-order line was seated and eating much faster than the people who still had to place their order.

The pre-order menu also includes food options for the 8 common food allergies, including wheat. This is great and allows those of us with food restrictions to also take advantage of preordering.

Gluten free menu for breakfast at Be Our Guest
Gluten-Free Menu for Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Tip: It seems that most of the gluten free options don’t list the plate of gluten free pastries on the menu, but the meals do in fact come with them. If it says “with plate of pastries” on the regular menu, the gluten free offering will come with a plate of pastries from Erin McKenna’s Bakery.

Be Our Guest Gluten Free Protocol

As with all other restaurants at Disney World, Be Our Guest is set up as a friendly option for those with food allergies and sensitivities. If you preorder, this is immediately apparent to the cast members and they will act accordingly.

If you do not preorder, you will have the opportunity to inform them of your food allergy when you order from the kiosks at the restaurant.

Once you are seated, a cast member will come by your table to review your order. Both times I’ve been there so far, they doubled checked with me about my gluten free order and assured me that it would come out separate from the other food at my table.

As always, plan that any allergy friendly orders may take a little longer to come to the table. However, I’ve yet to have to wait very long. The cast members are quite efficient in getting your food to the table in a timely fashion.

Be Our Guest Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at Be Our Guest is a welcome change from standard breakfast fare. Sure, if you want standard eggs and bacon, that option is available as Feast a la Gaston. But, there are other breakfast options that you typically won’t find in Quick Service restaurants.

All of the entrees listed below also come with a platter of assorted pastries, including allergy friendly pastries from Erin McKenna’s bakery for those with food allergies.

And even though we are talking about breakfast, there’s always the option to get the Master’s Cupcake, complete with the Grey Stuff. I hear it’s delicious!

Be Our Guest Breakfast Entrees (Updated May 2019)

  • Feast a la Gaston: Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, roasted potatoes, and fresh fruit
  • Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich: Poached eggs, applewood smoked bacon, brie, on a toasted croissant, with fresh fruit
  • Scrambled Egg Whites: Served with fresh fruit, roasted tomatoes, and chicken sausage
  • Croissant Doughnut: Fried doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache, served with fresh fruit
  • Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses: Serrano ham, alpine smoked ham, soppressata, and cheese served with orange marmalade and fresh fruit, on a toasted baguette
  • Croque Madame: Open faced ham sandwich topped with a fried egg, gruyere cheese, and bechamel, served with fresh fruit
  • Vegetable Quiche: Bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini, onion and chive quiche, served with fresh fruit

Be Our Guest Kids’ Breakfast Menu

The kids’ menu offers 5 different kid friendly menu options. There are enough options to hopefully suit picky eaters, as well as the more adventurous kids.

  • Crepes de Cogsworth: stuffed with yogurt, fresh berries, and wildberry foam
  • Fifi’s French Toast: Brioche bread served with fresh fruit
  • Chip’s Cereal with Fresh Fruit: Choice of cereal with milk and fresh fruit
  • Phillipe’s Toasty Oats: Steel cut oatmeal with golden raisins and brown sugar
  • Scrambled Eggs de Maurice: Served with Applewood smoked bacon and fresh fruit

New Be Our Guest Kids’ Breakfast Menu (Updated May 2019)

Disney just released a couple of new additions to the Kids’ menu at Be Our Guest that will be coming soon. I must say, they sound delicious…

  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Crepes: served with a berry compote and whipped cream
  • Mickey Shaped Egg and Cheese Dish: served with applewood smoked bacon and fresh fruit
Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Prices

This is the point where this PPO strategy can come unglued, especially if you are traveling with a large party and don’t have the dining plan. The Be Our Guest prices are steep, absurdly so. The prices are designed similar to a prix fixe kind of menu, with all entrees costing the same amount.

At the time of this update (7/6/2019), the standard price for an adult entrée is $28. Yes, you read that right, $28. Now you can see why this is such a good use of a Disney Dining Plan credit. Kids’ entrees will cost $15 a meal.

What is truly absurd, is the kids’ meal option of a bowl of cereal. For $15! That is just ludicrous. Frankly, I wouldn’t allow my child to even order that.

Based on these prices, you need to decide if the cost is worth what you get out of it. In this situation, you aren’t just getting the meal. You are looking at the low crowd entrance into MK, easy access to PhotoPass photographers, castle pictures with no or few people in them, and potentially, a very short wait for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

You also get the experience of being in the Beast’s Castle, which in and of itself is pretty darn cool. The atmosphere really is top notch.

How to Save Money on Be Our Guest Breakfast

With that in mind, there is one way you can try to save a little money on this endeavor. I cannot verify that this will work if ordering at the restaurant, but I know that it works when you preorder.

The strategy is simply this: have adults order off of the kids’ menu. That’s an automatic savings of $13 per adult who does this. We have done this and had no difficulties with it whatsoever. One thing to keep in mind, kids’ size portions are quite a bit smaller than grown-up portions.

In our case, my husband is not much of a breakfast eater in general and is quite content with the smaller portion sizes of the kids’ menu. However, this would never work for me. Breakfast is a big deal in my world and I do best with a big, hearty breakfast to start my day.

The mileage of this hack may vary depending on your family, but it’s certainly something to consider.

Be Our Guest Breakfast Review 2019

Now we finally get to a very important question: Is the food any good? When you are paying this much money for what is essentially “fast food” this question becomes even more important.

This review will highlight the foods we’ve tried so far on our visits to the Castle. I will mark the items that have been ordered gluten free.

Tip: Bring Ziploc baggies with you to Be Our Guest. If you aren’t able to finish all of your pastries, you can bring them with you! They also offer to go boxes for them. With the cost of the meal so high, I want to walk away with everything I paid for!

Feast a la Gaston (Gluten Free)

Be Our Guest breakfast -  Feast a la Gaston

This one is the basic eggs, bacon, and potatoes option that is a must at any breakfast restaurant worth its salt. I will be honest, the main reason I ordered this was because it was the only item on the gluten friendly menu that had the assorted pastries option specified. I really wanted those pastries.

Now that I know they come with the other options, I’m not as likely to get this again. Really, the meal was fine, but that was about it. The eggs were fine, the bacon pretty standard, you get the picture.

However, what is quite noteworthy is the fact that I couldn’t finish all of the food. If you know me in real life, you know that I can eat like I have a hollow leg. This breakfast filled me right up and I stayed full for HOURS. This is also quite the accomplishment for me. I’m typically ready to eat breakfast #2 by 10:00a.

So if you are looking for simple fare that will fill you up, Feast a la Gaston will certainly qualify.

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese

Breakfast at Be Our Guest Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese

This was Doug’s pick on our first breakfast at Be Our Guest. I will admit, I was quite jealous of this meal as it looked better than my Feast a la Gaston. I did steal a little of the cheese and marmalade, just to give it a taste, but I didn’t want to push my luck so left the rest to him.

The marmalade was truly delicious, both of us really enjoyed it. Doug enjoyed the meal overall. The quality of the meats and cheeses were good and filling. He wasn’t able to finish his meal, and there were tons of pastries leftover that we took with us.

Doug’s favorite aspect of the meal was the novelty of it. He liked having a different option from the typical breakfast choices. However, he did not feel the meal itself was necessarily worth it’s hefty price tag.

Croque Madame (Gluten Free & Regular)

Breakfast at Be Our Guest Croque Madame
Gluten Free Croque Madame

This was the meal I wanted during the first trip, and I can now confirm it definitely comes with the gluten free pastries. I truly enjoyed this meal. I found it to be much more interesting and flavorful than the Feast a la Gaston.

The fruit dish that comes with all of these meals is lame. But then again, I hate melons, so that explains a lot of my dislike. It’s basically the same old cheap fruit mix you find pretty much everywhere. It would be much better with strawberries, blueberries, or just some more interesting fruit.

My biggest issue with this entrée was the overall size. As we’ve discussed, I can eat a lot of food, and this seemed a little on the small side, especially considering the price tag.

With that being said, this too kept me full for quite a long time, so I guess I truly can’t complain. Tracey plans to get this on our next trip so I’ll have pictures and thoughts on the gluten filled version as well.

breakfast at be our guest - croque madame
Standard Croque Madame

When my sister ordered the Croque Madame, I immediately noticed how much larger her portion seemed than my gluten free Croque Madame. I get it, gluten free bread is often a smaller scale, but I paid the same amount for that meal and definitely had less food.

Aside from size, her meal just looked more appetizing than the gluten free version. Again, I really liked the way mine tasted, so looks aren’t everything. Tracey really enjoyed the whole meal and found the Croque Madame to be delicious.

Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich (Gluten Free)

Breakfast at Be Our Guest - gluten free open faced bacon and egg sandwich

The gluten free Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich was another win for me. The flavors of everything really blended together very well. The yolk of the poached egg kept the sandwich from becoming too dry, which definitely could have happened.

I felt the kitchen was a little heavy handed with the massive pile of arugula on the plate so I pushed some of it to the side. There is also a vinaigrette dressing on the arugula that adds well to the overall flavor of the dish.

Once again I was really disappointed in the fruit salad. You can’t see it, but I had one whole grape in my serving. Melons are such a cheap alternative, and quite frankly, for $28 a meal, I expect berries.

My portion of pastries this time was a little pathetic, too. You can’t see the lemon bread because it was so minuscule it was buried. I ended up with a very thinly sliced end piece. So disappointing.

Crepes de Cogsworth (Kids’ Meal)

Breakfast at Be Our Guest Crepes de Cogsworth

This is the kids’ meal my husband decided to try on our second trip to breakfast at Be Our Guest. Our son also chose this as his option. Both of them enjoyed the meal, even my picky eater child. While he avoided the wildberry foam, Doug enjoyed it.

Again, the big draw here is the novelty of having a meal that’s simply different from the same old breakfast. They both enjoyed the crepes and found the meal to be enjoyable.

Scrambled Eggs de Maurice (Kids’ Meal)

But then again, sometimes you just want a plain old breakfast. That was the opinion of my daughter, anyway. Considering she is our more adventurous eater, this was a little surprising. This is essentially the same as the Feast a la Gaston, only smaller and without potatoes and sausage.

She enjoyed the eggs and bacon, and she’s a sucker for a fruit cup, regardless if it’s all melons or not. However, her favorite part of the meal was definitely the pastries, and who can blame her?

Rope Drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This right here is the main reason that most people want a PPO breakfast reservation of any kind. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the most sought after ride in all of Magic Kingdom. This PPO breakfast strategy allows you to sneak ahead of the horde of people coming from the Hub as soon as the welcome show is over.

In terms of time frame, you should aim to finish your meal around 8:45a to begin heading towards Mine Train. Fortunately, the line starts right outside the entrance to Be Our Guest so you don’t have far to go.

If you can’t get there quite that early, you should still be in pretty good shape as long as you get in the line by 8:55a. As soon as you hear the castle fireworks shoot off, indicating the end of the welcome show, time is up. If you aren’t in line before they arrive, the wait is instantaneously over an hour.

We have successfully done this twice now, and the mechanics of it were slightly different each time. The bottom line is, if you get in the line before the park officially opens, you will essentially walk on the ride.

Both times we’ve gone have been on Extra Morning Magic days. Because of this, we were held either outside the entrance to the line, or allowed to enter the standby line but held there. We were not permitted on the ride until the official end of Extra Morning Magic and the beginning of the park day.

I have heard that during days without Extra Morning Magic, Cast Members will begin allowing PPO guests on Mine Train as early as 8:50a. This is in no way guaranteed to happen, and everyone’s experience is a little bit different, but it is possible.

After Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Our strategy after we get off of Mine Train is to get the heck out of Fantasyland. Everyone tends to come in this direction at rope drop and it can get congested quick. We love Thunder Mountain so we make our way over to Frontierland, which is essentially empty.

When we tried this in December 2018, we walked onto Thunder Mountain a couple of times and then proceeded to ride Splash Mountain over and over again, much to the delight of all of us. After that we hit up Haunted Mansion with very little wait.

Be Our Guest Enchanted Rose

Is a Be Our Guest Pre-Park Opening Breakfast Reservation Worth It?

This question is what it all comes down to in what has become a very lengthy post. Based on all of the information I’ve provided, is this strategy worth it? In my opinion, it definitely is.

If this is your first time going to Disney World, this strategy is a great way to start your day and experience less people in the park.

You also get a decent meal in a truly amazing setting. I really do think everyone should eat inside of Beast’s Castle once, whether you are a Beauty and the Beast fan or not. It’s a great example of Disney World’s commitment to theming and immersion into the fantasy.

And of course, being able to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (or Peter Pan’s Flight) with next to no wait is always a good idea.

Is this a strategy that I will use on every trip? Probably not, and the price is really the main factor in that decision. If you don’t have the dining plan, it’s just crazy expensive for a Quick Service breakfast. This is a real shame, because this is hands down my favorite hack in all of our Disney World experiences so far.

Are you planning a Disney World vacation? To get started, read up on the beginner’s guide to Disney vacation planning. Learn more about Advanced Dining Reservations, as well as, the Disney Dining Plan. Also, start learning all about the Disney World FastPass system, as this can become your best friend during your trip. And once you’re ready, read up about what to pack for your Disney vacation.

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Your Thoughts

Are you interested in using this strategy to get a good breakfast and a great experience? Have you tried it and had a different experience than we did? Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions on this strategy or want to share your experiences.

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9 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Pre-Park Opening Breakfast”

  1. Hi, this is really useful, thanks. We have a Be Our Guest reservation for 8.05am on our first morning of our trip, this summer. We’re first-timers….if we pre-order & are finished breakfast by 8.45, are we able to watch the opening show from anywhere else, other than the front of the castle? I think it would be great for us to see it, but at the same time, we want to make the most of getting in line for a ride (Seven Dwarves or Peter Pan, probably). Its a non EMH day (not sure about EMM). Thanks.

    1. I have heard that you can watch the show from behind Cinderella’s castle, by the entrance to Cinderella’s Royal Table. I believe some of the characters walk by there. You won’t get a full view of the show but it could offer a great perspective. Then you will have to hustle to get to a ride before the rest of the crowd. As soon as the fireworks go off, everyone will head towards the rides (mainly Seven Dwarfs). You have the advantage of not having to walk behind cast members though. Peter Pan would probably be easier since you are so close to it, but Mine Train is a possibility if you can get ahead of the crowd.

  2. I love doing pre-park opening breakfasts (even though Be Our Guest isn’t my favorite restaurant for this — my favorite is actually Garden Grill at Epcot). Everything you said about the character breakfasts is definitely true — you need to take your time and give those experiences at least 90 minutes in order to make them worth your time. Crystal Palace does works great for a 10am or later reservation…especially if you can get one of those reservations that allow you to be there during the changeover between breakfast and lunch.

    I have to disagree with your advice about Cinderella’s Royal Table, though. For CRT, the *ideal* reservation is the first one after park open, usually around 9:05 or so. Here’s why: if your reservation is right at park open, cast members will let you in pre-park open (similar to Be Our Guest), but you end up waiting for the opening of the restaurant at the opposite end of the Cinderella’s Castle hallway *during the park opening show*. It feels like a “backstage pass” to the show: you get to watch all of the characters enter and exit, the characters will wave to you as they head on stage, and some of them will even come over and say hi to the group waiting on the other side of the rope (the day I did this it was the ugly stepsisters and the couple who did the whole sword in the stone thing). And *then* you get to go in and experience Cinderella’s Royal Table right after that! It amazes me how few people seem to know about this experience — and for me, it just made the whole Royal Table experience all that much more magical.

    1. This is amazing! You are right, so many people don’t know about this, myself included. If you don’t mind, I’m going to add your advice to the post because that really is an amazing experience.

  3. In August of 2018, as long as you had a pre-park reservation at BOG, you could be seated at whatever time you arrived. We had an 8:45 slot, but were seated at 8:05. Is that not the case anymore?

    1. I have not heard otherwise but don’t know for sure. I know you can still get into the park early with an 8:45a reservation but I don’t know what time you would be seated if you get to the restaurant early. My guess is you could still get in early even if you don’t get an early time slot.

  4. Thank you for this post, It was so detailed and helpful. I have managed to get a 8:00am booking for the saturday we are there. We were not planning on going to MK that day, we had planned a waterpark day as the park is supposed to be very busy but I think we will do a couple of hours there now before heading to the water park. Thanks again

    1. I’m glad it was so helpful. The Pre-Park Opening Be Our Guest reservation has become one of my favorite Magic Kingdom strategies. You should be able to get on several rides without much wait before the crowds hit. Enjoy your morning at Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest!

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