Review: Disney’s Flying Fish Restaurant

Disney's Flying Fish

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Disney World has become known as a foodie paradise. There are so many high quality restaurants to choose from it can be hard to narrow down. Even though Disney is thought of as a place for children, Disney is a great place for adults to visit as well. One of the many offerings Disney has for adults is fine dining, and Disney’s Flying Fish restaurant fits the bill.

As I’m sure you can guess from the name, Flying Fish serves seafood to it’s happy customers. However, don’t be put off if you don’t like seafood. Flying Fish also serves prime steaks and creative appetizers.

Disney Dining Plan Information

Flying Fish is one of Disney’s Signature Restaurants, meaning it is a place to expect a fine dining experience. With this comes the expected higher price tag. If you have the Disney Dining Plan, you will be charged 2 credits for a meal at Flying Fish.

With the Disney Dining Plan you will get an appetizer, an entree, and an alcoholic or signature beverage.

Dining Discounts

If you do not have the dining plan, there are some discounts available to bring the bill total down. The first option is the Tables In Wonderland dining discount card, or TIW. TIW is an option available to Annual Passholder, Disney Vacation Club members, and Florida residents.

This discount card costs $150 to purchase and is good for one year. Anyone with a TIW card will receive 20% off at most Table Service restaurants at Disney World. The 20% off includes any alcoholic beverages purchased with your meal.

Annual Passholder/DVC Discounts

Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members also have the option to take advantage of a 10% discount at Flying Fish, with no discount card purchase necessary. The discount is good for the cardholder and up to 3 guests. However, this 10% discount will not include alcoholic beverages.

There have been times when the Annual Passholder dining discount has been increased for promotional time frames for certain Signature Restaurants. Flying Fish has been included in these promotions in the past, even having up to a 30% off discount.

Flying Fish Reservations

As with all other Disney restaurants, you have the option to make an Advanced Dining Reservation for your meal at Flying Fish. I always recommend that you make a reservation if you know you want to eat at a certain restaurant, and Flying Fish is no exception.

However, Flying Fish is one of the less popular restaurants, making it easier to get same day reservations. This is likely due to its slightly out of the way location combined with its Signature Restaurant status.

For example, the day I am writing this post, I can get a reservation for 7:30p tonight, a mere 4 hours later than the time I looked.

Flying Fish Hours

The Flying Fish is only open for dinner service. The daily hours of operation are from 5:00p-9:30p. Abracadabar is the lounge attached to Flying Fish and is open slightly longer than Flying Fish, serving customers from 4:00p-10:30p.

Unlike many Signature Restaurant lounges, Abracadabar does not offer food service from the Flying Fish kitchen. In fact, it doesn’t offer food service at all. However, if you are interested in a drink and some atmosphere before or after your meal, Abracadabar is an easy stroll.

Flying Fish Dress Code

Be aware that Flying Fish, and all other Signature Restaurants at Disney, have a dress code for guests to follow. It’s nothing outlandish, but it might require you to pack an extra outfit.

Men are asked to wear either slacks, khakis, or dress shorts along with a collared shirt.
The dress code for women includes dresses, Capri pants, dress shorts, and skirts. The dress code doesn’t forbid jeans, but requests that if they are worn, jeans are in good condition.

The following types of clothing are forbidden: ripped clothing, cut-offs, flip-flops, clothing with offensive language, swimsuits, swim cover ups, and hats for gentlemen.

Location and Atmosphere

Flying Fish is one of the restaurants located on Disney’s Boardwalk. The Boardwalk can be found along Crescent Lake in the Epcot resort area. If you drive to the restaurant, you can park at the Boardwalk Resort for the easiest access to the restaurant.

It is also an easy walk to Flying Fish from either Epcot or Hollywood Studios, or a relaxing boat ride on the Friendship Boats. Buses from any of the theme parks can also drop you off at the Boardwalk Resort.

Coming in the fall of 2019, the Disney Skyliner gondolas will offer another transportation option for guests coming from Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, POP Century, and Art of Animation. Simply take the Skyliner to the Epcot station and walk from there.

Romantic Atmosphere

As I mentioned above, the Flying Fish is one of the many restaurants that enhances the adult Disney experience. In 2016, Flying Fish closed for renovations and reopened with it’s current design and menu.

The overall decor of the restaurant is modern with whimsical touches that really hammer home a theme without being over the top. For example, the chandeliers in the dining are glass flying fish swimming against the beautiful blue ceiling. The overall effect of this design feature is stunning.

Because I’m a dork, my favorite touch is actually the fish themed silverware. While quirky and fun, it really highlights Disney’s commitment to creating a unique experience wherever you are in the parks.

Flying Fish Menu

Finally, we get to the good part: the food. Flying Fish offers a seasonal menu, taking advantage of food items readily available at any given point of the year. As a result, the menu can change frequently. However, they do have main staples that are always offered. I recommend that you check the menu posted on Disney’s website to stay up to date with menu offerings during your trip.

As a I mentioned above, if you are looking for seafood, Flying Fish is certainly the place to be. The menu offers an array of seafood dishes as both appetizers and entrees. There is also the option to add enhancements to your dish in the form of shrimp, lobster tail, or scallops.

However, if seafood isn’t your thing, you will have plenty of options as well. The menu at Flying Fish includes filet mignon, New York strip steak, chicken, and rib-eye steak.

Flying Fish Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon with Asparagus, Sweet Onion Risotto, and Truffle Sauce – Gluten Free

Kids’ Menu

The kids’ menu at Flying Fish has a decent number of options that should appeal to most kids. There are even kids’ appetizers available. For the entree, kids have a choice ranging from sustainable fish, grilled chicken, pasta, fish n chips, shrimp and grits, and steak.

For dessert, kids can have some fruit, but let’s face it, I’m pretty sure most of them would ask for the chocolate seashells with toasted marshmallows in the S’more Time at the Beach.

Dessert Menu

Flying Fish offers up 5 different desserts for your post meal enjoyment. The dessert choices give a wide variety of options that should appeal to most people.

  • Cocoa Breach – Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, Warm Ganache
  • Panna “Carpa” – Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Strawberry-Lime consomme, Basil Sugar (a gluten free and no sugar added dessert)
  • Blueberries, Limes, and Seashells – Mascarpone Cheese, Blueberry-Lime Compote, Hibiscus Meringue, Rye Bourbon Caramel
  • Florida Sunset – Vanilla Custard, Lemon Broth, Segmented Fruits, White Chocolate
  • Tasting of Artisan Cheeses – Robiola Bosina, Crottin, Thomasville Tomme, Smokey Blue, Reypenaer V.S.O.P. Gouda

Flying Fish Gluten Free

The Flying Fish offers a pretty substantial gluten free menu. If you did not make note of your allergy when you made the reservation, make sure to tell the hostess when you arrive to the restaurant. They will stamp your ticket with an “Allergy” stamp to notify the wait staff of the allergy.

Flying Fish Allergy Menu

This is the allergy menu I was given when we sat at our table. This menu covers the eight most common food allergies. You will notice that some of the proteins from my trip vary from the current menu. And the prices have certainly gone up! However, this menu will give you an idea of what your options will be.

If you have not done so already, read up about how to dine with food allergies in Disney World. That gives you a good foundation of what to expect. The biggest takeaway is to always answer questions. There are items on this menu that can easily be altered in order to make them gluten free. The chefs are more than willing to accommodate your needs.

For example, I asked what about the filet mignon preparation made it unsafe for those with gluten allergies. It turns out the chef could easily make it gluten free by excluding the seasoning and pan-searing the meat.

When in doubt, always ask to speak with a chef about the food to make sure it is safe. Our waiter acted as the go between in this instance, and I felt comfortable with his answers. He went so far as to write down notes on what the chef said about my questions to make sure he relayed the information correctly. But that is always your call. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the chef.

Flying Fish Review

And now to the most important question: how’s the food? In short, the food at Flying Fish is fabulous. My husband and I loved everything about our meal. We chose Flying Fish after a lot of deliberation and research in the planning stages of that trip. It was our first adult-only trip to Disney, and this dinner was a splurge anniversary dinner.

We chose Flying Fish for the universally good reviews and intriguing menu. We were not disappointed with the food or the service at Flying Fish. Going into the dinner we both already had an idea which foods we wanted to order.

Kurobuta Pork Belly – Gluten Free with Croquette in Separate Dish


I asked the waiter a few questions about the items of food I was interested in which weren’t listed as gluten free on the menu. Other than the filet mignon anecdote I talked about above, I also asked about the Kurobuta Pork Belly. All the reviews raved about the pork belly and I wanted it. The only item with gluten is the croquette. The kitchen happily put the croquette in it’s own dish for my husband to avoid cross-contamination.

It is very fortunate that the pork belly was made gluten free because frankly, it was phenomenal. I would have been very sad to miss out on this treat. The meat quite literally melted in our mouths. I highly recommend this to anyone.


I chose the Filet Mignon with asparagus, sweet onion risotto, and truffle sauce, cooked medium rare. The meat was just slightly over cooked, probably between medium and medium rare. Despite this, this meat was very juicy and tender. The knife slid through it like butter.

The risotto was a great partner to the meat and asparagus, adding lovely flavor to the meal. And the truffle sauce, oh the truffle sauce. All in all, a fantastic meal.

Chilean Sea Bass with Leek Fondue – Gluten Free

Doug chose the Chilean Sea Bass with Leek Fondue and Cassis-Red Wine Reduction. His whole meal came straight from the menu with alterations necessary to make it gluten free so we could share. We are both picky about fish and found the Sea Bass to be very good. It does not have a strong “fishy” flavor, which we like.

I loved the leek fondue, probably a bit more than Doug did. I found it to be a delicious and unique side that you would not find very often.

In the end, we both agreed that the Filet Mignon was the superior entree of the two we tried, though they were both excellent. We just both tend to like beef more than seafood in general.

Drinks and Dessert

Doug and I each chose a drink to go with our meals. We ended up with the Pink Grapefruit & Lychee martini and the Blood Orange Margarita based on reviews we’d read. They were both very good drinks, light and easy to drink.

We did not try any of the desserts. The only gluten free dessert is the Panna “Carpa”, and it just didn’t appeal to me. I will admit to being skeptical whenever a gluten free dessert is also no sugar added and tend to avoid them.

As with most of the restaurants on Disney property, the chef might have had other options for desserts if I asked. However, I planned to get ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery after our evening at Hollywood Studios so I never asked.

Ample Hills is just down the Boardwalk from Flying Fish and a great alternative for a gluten free dessert after dinner. The ice cream at Ample Hills even earned a spot on my list of the top 10 gluten free snacks at Disney World.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, we absolutely loved the dining experience at Flying Fish. Everything about this meal and restaurant was enjoyable. The setting was elevated without feeling stuffy, thanks to the whimsical touches.

Our seat was towards the back of the restaurant so we were unable to watch the chefs through the open kitchen. The flip side to this is a calmer dining experience.

The food at Flying Fish is a feast for the eyes as much as the mouth. Everything that came to our table was attractively presented to make the food look even more appetizing.

Flying Fish is my top recommendation for a romantic dinner amidst the business of a Disney vacation. It is not nearly as popular as it should be, but I think that is also part of the appeal. It lacks some of the chaotic, busy, feeling that comes with a meal at California Grill.

I think most people assume Flying Fish only serves seafood, which is a polarizing food. Because of this they never really look into it as an option for a solid meal at Disney. Their loss is certainly our gain.

Are you planning a Disney World vacation? To get started, read up on the beginner’s guide to Disney vacation planning. Learn more about Advanced Dining Reservations, as well as, the Disney Dining Plan. Also, start learning all about the Disney World FastPass system, as this can become your best friend during your trip. And once you’re ready, read up about what to pack for your Disney vacation.

Your Thoughts

Have you ever been to Flying Fish? Was your experience as good as mine? If you have any questions or comments, please comment below.

Disney's Flying Fish
Disney's Flying Fish

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