Epcot’s La Creperie de Paris Review

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One of the newest restaurants to open during Disney’s 50th anniversary celebration on October 1 is La Creperie de Paris. It’s a unique combination of quick service and table service, providing different options for different needs.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to give La Creperie de Paris a try. Because who doesn’t want crepes? Without further ado, here is my La Creperie de Paris review (Updated January 6, 2022).

For my gluten free friends, I’ve included my experiences with making my meal at La Creperie de Paris gluten free. However, most of the review also applies to my gluten eating friends as well!

La creperie de paris image with three crepes

La Creperie de Paris Information

La Creperie de Paris is located in the France Pavilion at Epcot. This is in the new France Pavilion expansion which was created to house Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Remy’s is a new ride generating a fair amount of buzz. Both the restaurant and the ride opened on October 1.

Unlike most other restaurants at Disney World, La Creperie de Paris is a hybrid table and quick service restaurant.

The table service end of the restaurant offers a daily prix fixe menu that includes a choice of soup or salad, a savory galette, a dessert crepe, and a glass of hard cider, soda, or juice.

If you don’t want to do the prix fixe menu you have the option of ordering a la carte as well.

So if you simply want to try all the savory galettes (I’m over here raising my hand), you can just buy all the savory galettes.

The quick service portion of the restaurant is offered through an order window on the outside of the building. The order window is called Crepes A Emporter at La Creperie de Paris.

La Creperie de Paris Reservations

When it first opened, La Creperie de Paris did not accept reservations ahead of time. This meant it was all on a first come, first served basis.

I kid you not, they used a good old fashioned clip board and pencil when I was there. But it worked, so I can’t complain.

Now you can make your reservation at La Creperie de Paris up to 60 days in advance of your trip.

Make sure you understand the ins and outs of how to make a Disney World dining reservation before your reservation window opens!


The interior of the restaurant itself is pretty small. There weren’t a ton of tables so they can’t seat a lot of people at once.

The decor is simple and understated, with a lot of use of wood with some stone accents. The whole restaurant is decorated with neutral, natural colors.

This actually makes the simple outfits of the cast members stand out even more. They might have the most comfortable uniform in all of Disney World.

Their uniforms are inspired by those worn in traditional creperies in France, with striped shirts. Disney claimed they would have red hats, known as a miki, but I didn’t see anyone wearing a hat.

All in all, I like the feel of the decor. While it’s clearly trying to look older, they just couldn’t shake that brand new feeling. But that will change in time.

La Creperie de Paris Menu

Picture of menu at La Creperie de Paris Epcot

The table service menu is designed around the traditional flavors of the Brittany region of France. As the name clearly suggests, the restaurant is a traditional creperie.

All of the food is made from scratch and to order. This of course means you have a wait a little extra to get your food, but you know it’s made fresh.

Overall, the menu consists of sweet dessert crepes, savory galattes, and some of Brittany’s famous hard ciders.

Appetizer or Side Dish

  • Soupe du Jour: Soup of the day
  • Salade Maison: Mixed Greens, tomatoes, Onions, and Vinaigrette

Savory Galettes at La Creperie de Paris (Buckwheat Crepes)

  • Classique: ham, egg, Swiss cheese
  • Poulet: chicken, bechamel cheese sauce, mushrooms
  • Chevre: goat cheese, spinach, walnuts
  • Saumon: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, chives, lemon
  • Ratatouille: tomato, zucchini, eggplant
  • Savoyarde: Raclette cheese, onions, imported Bayonne ham
Savory galettes at La Creperie de Paris at Disney World

Here’s the part where I got an education on traditional galettes. Because I knew nothing about them other than the fact that they look delicious.

Galettes are made with a thin pastry cooked at a high temperature. This allows the outside to become very crispy and crunchy.

This folds around a variety of savory fillings.

And guess what? The galettes are naturally gluten friendly! I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this.

They are made with buckwheat imported exclusively from France and feature classic fillings.

Sweet Crepes at La Creperie de Paris (Dessert Crepes)

  • Gourmande: hazelnut chocolate spread, whipped cream
  • Banane: banana, caramel beurre sale
  • Melba: peach, red berries sauce, almonds
  • Poire: pear, chocolate ganache, whipped cream
  • Pomme: caramelized apples, caramel beurre sale
  • Add-Ons: Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Sauce
  • Add a Shot to Any Crepe: Grand Marnier, Rhum, or Calvados

These are more like the traditional crepes that everyone knows and loves. There is also an option to top the sweet crepes with house made ice cream.

Sweet crepe at La Creperie de Paris Epcot

Le Creperie de Paris Kids’ Menu

The kids’ menu at La Creperie de Paris offers kids the chance to get one each of the savory and sweet crepe.

Choice of one:

  • Brie Cheese Galette
  • Ratatouille Galette
  • Ham and Cheese Galette

Choice of one:

  • Sugar Crepe
  • Red Berries Crepe
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Crepe

Prix Fixe Menu

As I mentioned before, you can choose from ordering your crepes and galattes a la carte, or you can choose to order from the Prix Fixe menu at La Creperie de Paris.

Here’s what you get with the Prix Fixe menu:

  • Choice of Soup of the Day or Salade Maison
  • Choice of one Galette
  • Glass of Hard Cider, Soda, or Juice
  • Choice of one Dessert Crepe

The current price for the Prix Fixe menu is $33.

Crepes A Emporter at La Creperie de Paris

That’s a mouthful of a name, but Crepes A Emporter at La Creperie de Paris is the quick service window.

Unfortunately for all of us, the walk-up window only offers a limited menu compared to the table service restaurant. I mean, it makes sense, but it’s a bummer.

At least this provides an option if you’re unable to get a table inside.

Crepes A Emporter serves three savory galettes, four sweet crepes, soft serve ice cream, and an assortment of ciders and wines.

Savory Galettes at Crepes A Emporter

  • Cream of Brie Cheese Galette
  • Ratatouille Galette: tomato, zucchini, eggplant
  • Bechamel, Cheese, & Ham Galette

Sweet Crepes at Crepes A Emporter

  • Butter & Sugar Crepe
  • Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread Crepe
  • Red Berries Crepe
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream Crepe

As one would expect, the prices for the galettes and crepes at the quick service window are lower than in the table service restaurant.

Le Creperie de Paris Review

While I ate at the table service portion of the restaurant, I was unable to try the quick service window. For starters, I can only fit so much food in my stomach during the course of one day.

Second, the line for Crepes A Emporter was absolutely bananas the day I was there. Seriously, it was easier to get a table inside than to wait in the long line for the quick service.

But given my family’s love of all crepes, I think it’s safe to say we’ll give it a shot in due time.

Now that we got that out of the way, what are my overall impressions of Le Creperie de Paris?

Atmosphere and Seating Area

Interior picture of La Creperie de Paris Epcot

As I mentioned above, I’m a fan of the decor and theme of the restaurant. Everything was neat and clean. Of course, this might have had something to do with the fact I was there on day 2, but I digress…

I’m a sucker for wood beams in general, so the liberal use of them here certainly made me happy.

I liked that it isn’t a huge restaurant. With fewer tables it feels like a more intimate experience. Not romantic by any stretch of the imagination, but comfortable and cozy.

La Creperie de Paris Food Review

Let’s get to the good stuff! What did I think of the food?

I chose to order from the prix fixe menu. Part of me was tempted to order a bunch of crepes and galettes a la carte in order to sample more of the menu.

Frankly, if I wasn’t there by myself I probably would have. But that would have been way too much food for me to eat alone and seemed wasteful.

So the prix fixe menu was the winner!

Appetizer and Cider

For the appetizer, I had a choice between potato leek soup as the soup of the day, or the salad. For me it wasn’t even a contest, even though it was 90 degrees outside.

I LOVE potato leek soup and once I confirmed it was gluten free, it had my name written all over it.

Potato Leek Soup and a glass of hard cider at La Creperie de Paris Epcot

I also chose to the get the hard cider. Because if someone is offering me hard cider for the same price as soda, I’m all over it.

I chose the Cidre Doux as I’m a sucker for a sweet hard cider.

Both of these options were excellent choices. The crock of soup was generous in size, probably the perfect size for a prix fixe menu style meal.

The soup itself was creamy and full of flavor. Even though it was hot outside and this is a hot, winter type of soup, I have no regrets. I ate every last drop and it was absolutely delicious.

The Cidre Doux was also very yummy. Sweet ciders are definitely not for everyone, but they are my preferred style of hard cider.

This particular sweet cider was velvety smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. I slowly sipped my way through this throughout the course of the meal to make it last.

My one complaint would be the small size of the glass. But really, what do you expect when hard cider costs the same as soda?

Poulet Galette

After much agonizing over the decision, I eventually settled on the Poulet for my galette. As a refresher, this galette contains chicken, bechamel cheese sauce, and mushrooms.

I talked over my choices with the waitress and she helped confirm my choice. The Poulet is one of her favorites.

Poulet savory galette at La Creperie de Paris Disney World

In an absolute blogging fail, I neglected to take any pictures of the insides of either of my crepes. Whoops. All I can say is that I was too busy devouring them to remember.

The buckwheat crepe that encases all the yummy goodness inside has a distinct, and strong flavor. There’s nothing subtle about it.

There are definitely people who won’t like the strong flavor. If that’s the case, make sure all of your bites have the filling distributed through them.

The presence of the flavors of the filling blend well with the buckwheat and it tames down the flavor of the buckwheat.

As for the filling? Oh my delicious. With all the bechamel cream sauce, this is no shrinking violet. It’s definitely a heavy galette.

I found the Poulet to be delicious and very filling. Don’t get me wrong, I ate the entire thing and loved every bite of it. It’s just a filling meal, that’s all.

I found the flavors to all blend very well and I truly enjoyed all of it.

As I mentioned above, all of the savory galettes are naturally gluten free, so this is a major coup for all gluten friendly eaters.

Poire Dessert Crepe (Gluten Free)

Again, there was much debate over which of the sweet crepes to try. They all sound so gosh darn good. But in the end, I settled on the Poire (pear, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream).

For those of us who don’t eat gluten, they offer the sweet crepes on the buckwheat crepe instead of the traditional crepe. It’s nice to have the option instead of having to forgo the dessert crepes.

However, this isn’t without a downside. As I mentioned above, the buckwheat crepe has a very distinct, strong flavor. Because I chose to get the dessert crepe with a fruit that has such a mild flavor, I tasted a whole lot of buckwheat.

For the bites I was able to get a good mix of the pear and the chocolate it was fine, but once I ate up all the filling, I left the rest of the crepe.

Most people won’t have that issue with the buckwheat flavor, so you’re good to go.

The filling itself was delicious, with chocolate being the dominant flavor. I would definitely order it again, but not until I’ve tried all of the other flavors.

Gluten free Poire dessert crepe at La Creperie de Paris Epcot

Tips for Eating at La Creperie de Paris Gluten Free

I found this to be a great meal option as a gluten friendly eater. Crepes are one of my favorite things to eat, so to be able to have a crepe was a wonderful treat.

However, those who have celiac and need to be much more strict in exposure will want to be a bit more aggressive than I was.

There were no allergy sticks in any of my food, which I found a little disconcerting. I was there on the first weekend they were open, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they just weren’t quite on top of those things yet.

The biggest issue came when my sweet crepe was served in what was clearly a normal crepe. Just for your knowledge, the buckwheat crepe is a lot darker in color than a traditional crepe.

This is helpful as it made it very obvious that I was given a gluten filled crepe.

I pointed this out to the waitress who was very apologetic. She confirmed that she submitted the order correctly, but someone in the kitchen missed it.

So she took the stomach-ache inducing crepe away to have my meal remade. When it came out the second time it was clearly made with a buckwheat crepe.

During my wait for the second try, the waitress apologized repeatedly and offered me some complimentary coffee or tea. Even though I don’t drink either, I thought it was a nice gesture.

Once you do get your sweet crepe, make sure you evenly divide that filling throughout the crepe. Mine was all lumped in the center, leaving a lot of plain buckwheat crepe. As I mentioned above, this was not really the best thing for a sweet crepe.

Final Verdict: La Creperie de Paris

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I really loved my dining experience at La Creperie de Paris in Epcot. It is yet another solid dining option in a park already overflowing with amazing choices.

That would probably be the biggest problem I have with it! There is so much amazing food in Epcot, how on earth do you decide what you want to eat?

But I digress…

All in all, I was blown away by my meal. It was absolutely delicious and way more filling than I anticipated.

But do you want to know the best part about it all? That amazing meal I had cost me only $33 (plus taxes and tip)! That automatically makes La Creperie de Paris one of the most cost effective table service restaurants in Disney World.

Where else in Disney World can you get an app, an entree, a dessert, and an alcoholic drink for $33?

Your Thoughts

Are you as excited for a crepe restaurant as I am? Or are you underwhelmed by this offering? Let me know in the comments below.

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