Guide to Dining Gluten Free at Magic Kingdom

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For me, one of the true joys of Disney World is how easy it is to enjoy great food when you have any sort of food allergy. The freedom to be able to eat what we want with the confidence it is safe is unparalleled.

To help my fellow gluten free eaters, I am putting together a Gluten Free Disney Parks series to highlight restaurants and snacks that have gluten free friendly offerings. To start off the series with a bang, let’s look at options to eat gluten free at Magic Kingdom!

I have deliberately omitted restaurants and kiosks that don’t have reasonable, or any, gluten free items.

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Quicksand dessert at Magic Kingdom's Skipper Canteen. Naturally gluten free
Quicksand! at Skipper Canteen

Tips for Eating Gluten Free at Magic Kingdom

Most of these tips apply to gluten free dining at any of the Disney parks, not just Magic Kingdom. For much more in depth information about eating at Disney World with ANY sort of food allergy, make sure you read my guide to eating at Disney with food allergies.

  • Don’t be scared of eating at a buffet. If you are concerned about cross-contamination, the chef will be happy to prepare your food in the kitchen and serve it directly to you
  • Your options are not necessarily limited to what is written on the menu. Chefs and Cast Members are more than willing to make substitutions and make a customized meal for you
  • If you have any questions before your trip, contact dining specialty services at or call 407-WDW-DINE
  • Pack your standard gluten free snacks to bring with you just in case. You likely won’t need them, but you never know
  • Always ask questions and make your allergy known. Disney chefs and Cast Members bend over backwards to make sure you have a safe meal
  • You know your situation best. Always follow your gut before eating anything you are unsure of
  • Menus change regularly so always check the menu before your trip to get the latest version
  • Read gluten free reviews for the Magic Kingdom restaurants to get an idea of what types of foods are available – it’s always a good idea to plan ahead

Gluten Free Quick Service at Magic Kingdom

Quick Service restaurants are Disney World’s equivalent to fast food. In some cases this means standard “fast food” fare. However, there are a few restaurants which give you many different options. Many of the restaurants have dedicated fryers for allergy orders.

Be Our Guest (Breakfast & Lunch)

Be Our Guest is one of the most popular restaurants at Magic Kingdom for many reasons, and one of them is the food. The menu is varied and gives you options other than the typical burger and fries that characterizes so many Quick Service restaurants.

However, Be Our Guest is the only Quick Service restaurant that requires reservations, and they are in high demand. If you know you want to eat here, make sure you prioritize it when booking your Advanced Dining Reservations.


Be Our Guest is my favorite breakfast location in Magic Kingdom. To be fair, this is largely due to the ability to do a pre-park opening reservation, which is my favorite Disney World rope drop hack.

However, it’s not just about riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with no wait, the food is good as well. The gluten free breakfast menu at Be Our Guest is pretty extensive. Almost all of the entrees can be made gluten free by swapping out the bread for a gluten free variety.

The only breakfast entrees which cannot be made gluten free are the Croissant Donut and Vegetable Quiche. They even offer a platter of gluten free pastries from Erin McKenna to accompany your breakfast!

Gluten Free Open Faced Egg Sandwich


Disney World recently changed the lunch menu offered at Be Our Guest. Most of the menu items are either already gluten free or can be made gluten free by omission or substitution. For example, the French Onion Soup can omit the croutons and bread to be made gluten free.

Be Our Guest offers everything from sandwiches, to salads, to braised chicken on their lunch menu. There really is something for everyone. Frankly, the price during lunch is more economical than breakfast too.

There is a gluten free dessert listed right on the menu. However, it’s also a sugar free dessert, which always makes me cautious. It is a lemon-raspberry cream puff, which sounds delicious in theory, but I suspect might not be as good without any sugar. Some people rave about it, others are just meh.

Overall, this is a much different menu from one you will find anywhere else around Disney World. I highly recommend Be Our Guest for both lunch and dinner.

Columbia Harbour House

The food at Columbia Harbour House is generally considered to be a great gluten free option at Magic Kingdom. In large part, this is due to the ability to get gluten free chicken nuggets, a food that is typically off limits.

There is also an option for a grilled salmon platter, a food which is not typically an option at any sort of fast food restaurant.

Columbia Harbour House, like many other restaurants on property, also has allergy friendly brownies and cookies for dessert or snack.

I have eaten at Columbia Harbour House and was rather thrilled to have the chicken nuggets. The portion of food was enormous, which is always appreciated at these prices. Also, the chicken nuggets were surprisingly crispy. This is a welcome change to those of us used to soggy and crumbly gluten free replacements.

Columbia Harbour House gluten free Chicken nuggets and french fries
Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

When we first went to Magic Kingdom in 2014, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight cafe was viewed as the food allergy friendly quick service restaurant to go to. I am quite happy that Magic Kingdom’s food allergy options have expanded significantly since then.

Not that Cosmic Ray’s is bad, it just has more standard “fast food” fare. You will find burgers, grilled chicken, and fries as the main gluten free options.

However, the staff at Cosmic Ray’s Cafe is VERY food allergy friendly. We received 1 on 1 attention and ended up crafting a personalized combination of foods that made everyone happy.

Cosmic Ray’s has a separate dedicated fryer especially for food allergies.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Pecos Bill serves the widest array of gluten free meal options at Magic Kingdom. They serve varying types of Mexican themed dishes. And a bacon cheeseburger. Because nothing screams Mexican food like a burger…

The rice bowls give you a few different options in the form of chicken, pork, or veggies. There is also a Southwest Salad and a Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wrap.

As an example of customizing a non-gluten free menu item: you can order the taco trio as lettuce wraps instead of with soft taco shells. Once the taco shell is removed from the order, it is suddenly gluten free.

There has been much debate and confusion over whether the nachos are considered gluten free. At one time they were, and everyone loved them. However, it seems that the nachos are no longer considered to be gluten free. They are not offered on Disney’s official gluten free menu for Pecos Bill. This is a real shame as the nachos were a great gluten free option.

Tip: If you are concerned about cross-contamination at the toppings bar, ask the Cast Member to provide you with toppings directly from the kitchen.

Pinocchio Village Haus

If pizza is what you are craving at Magic Kingdom, then Pinocchio Village Haus is the place to go. Pinocchio Village Haus offers 4 different types of pizza on an allergy friendly crust: meat lovers, margherita, cheese, and pepperoni.

Just like Columbia Harbour House, you can also get a nice plate of gluten free chicken nuggets. And to round it all out, there is an option to get the Antipasto Salad.

In addition to the usual gluten free brownies and cookies, there is an option to get chocolate gelato for dessert.

Gluten Free Table Service at Magic Kingdom

Table Service restaurants at Disney World provide the more traditional “sit down” restaurant setting. A major bonus to eating at Table Service restaurants is an expanded list of meal options, and increased flexibility in what the kitchens can produce.

Be Our Guest (Dinner)

Be Our Guest is an insanely popular restaurant at Magic Kingdom. Disney recently restructured the dinner menu to make it a Signature Restaurant. This considerably increased the price. However, that hasn’t dimmed the popularity at all.

In addition to enjoying some tasty food, you are able to meet the Beast! This is not an option during breakfast and lunch.

Fittingly, the menu is very French themed, providing options such as escargot and charred octopus. There is also lamb, filet mignon, chicken, pork, or scallops to choose from.

This is a prix fixe style menu but there do seem to be a lot of gluten free options.

In general, people rave about the dining experience and food during dinner at Be Our Guest. The atmosphere alone is worth a reservation at Be Our Guest. However, if it’s mainly just the atmosphere you want, go during breakfast or lunch, it’s a lot cheaper.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is the hallmark dining experience in all of Disney World and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Dining inside of Cinderella’s Castle is a special treat.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provides character interactions with Cinderella and other princesses. As with most places, there are more gluten free options at lunch and dinner then at breakfast.

The structure of Cinderella’s Royal Table is along the lines of a Prix Fixe menu. You are given various choices for your appetizer, entree, and dessert. You choose one item from each category. During lunch and dinner there are a considerable number of gluten free options to choose from.

It is important to note that this is a Signature Restaurant. That means it is either very expensive out of pocket or costs 2 Table Service credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is a buffet style character meal. It is the only buffet option in all of Magic Kingdom. So, if buffets are your jam, this is your place!

Crystal Palace serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hungry Magic Kingdom guests. Since it is buffet style, there are a wide array of options to choose from. Many of the lunch and dinner items are already naturally gluten free.

They offer various vegetables, proteins, and rice dishes, though the exact offering might vary from day to day. And gluten free rolls are always an option.

The breakfast buffet will require specially made foods in the form of Mickey waffles, if those are your preference. Crystal Palace is also known to offer gluten free muffins and cinnamon donuts which come highly recommended.

As always with buffets, if cross-contamination is a concern, ask for your food to be prepared in the kitchen. The chef is more than happy to do so to keep you safe and healthy.

The Diamond Horseshoe

The Diamond Horseshoe is a restaurant in Frontierland which offers down home Southern cooking. I will be honest, I’ve never been there, and there’s not a lot of information out there about it in terms of eating gluten free. It’s a restaurant that frankly isn’t terribly popular in general.

However, word on the street is you can get gluten free macaroni and cheese. That in and of itself might warrant a try some day…

The lunch menu gives you the choice of either a la carte sandwiches and salads as our entree, or the family style platter. The platter is the only option on the menu for dinner.

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Skipper Canteen is another great choice for those who must eat gluten free. Most of the menu is already gluten free without any substitutions or omissions. In general, the menu is a little more adventurous than many of the others at Magic Kingdom, making it a great option for a totally different meal experience.

The most famous gluten free menu item at Skipper Canteen is the fried chicken. That’s right! Fried chicken! And it is made gluten free from the start!

The breading is nice and crispy while the chicken inside is super juicy.

There is also a great dessert, called Quick Sand, which is unique and delicious. This is a jasmine rice pudding with mango sauce, lemon curd, hibiscus meringue, and pineapple. It’s amazing.

Fried Chicken at Skipper Canteen

Liberty Tree Tavern

In all seriousness, Liberty Tree Tavern is a gluten free eaters dream. The chefs at Liberty Tree Tavern do a fantastic job of offering gluten free options of foods we aren’t typically allowed to eat, like stuffing and gravy.

I would go here all the time simply to be able to eat stuffing…

Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern is served as a more traditional a la carte menu. There are appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from.

Dinner is a preset family style menu. The meal includes a salad, entree, and dessert. But don’t be fooled by the word entree, otherwise known as the Patriot Platter. This is actually code for a massive variety of dishes you are presented with.

  • Roast Turkey Breast
  • Pot Roast
  • Oven Roasted Pork
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Gluten Free Stuffing
  • Gluten Free Gravy

In the end, the macaroni and cheese was the only dish that didn’t have a gluten free counterpart. While the rest of my family enjoyed a choice of 3 desserts, I was served a gluten free brownie sundae.

The Plaza Restaurant

Lunch at the Plaza Restaurant gets the award for the single best gluten free dining experience I have ever had. And then a disappointing one…it all depends on the chef sometimes.

Chef Ken at The Plaza is absolutely amazing. He insists on speaking personally with any with food allergies and comes out to your table repeatedly. Chef Ken even explained the secret to how he cooks the gluten free rolls so I can do it at home.

He also made an allergy friendly milkshake for my friend’s son, something he’s never had before. For Chef Ken, you are not restricted to the allergy menu. He specifically tells you to just pick what you want off the regular menu and he’ll make it work.

Overall, the food at The Plaza is very tasty and offers options you might never be able to have normally. For example, how often can someone who eats gluten free have a fried green tomato sandwich? And let me just tell you, it’s delicious.

And the loaded fries? Divine.

The Plaza is also one of the most economical Table Service restaurants at Disney World. You can have a very delicious gluten free meal for not much more than the cost of a Quick Service meal.

The Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom - gluten free fried green tomato sandwich
Gluten Free Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is located right on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. It is an Italian restaurant themed after the restaurant in Lady and the Tramp.

They have gluten free pasta, so that right there helps tremendously with eating at an Italian restaurant gluten free! Reviews on Tony’s Town Square seem a little mixed, though this is true for people without food allergies as well.

They are able to adapt some of the recipes to make them gluten free, such as the chicken parmigiana. I have heard that Tony’s has a really delicious gluten free chocolate cake, if that is a deciding factor for anyone!

Gluten Free Snacks at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has a lot of gluten free snack offerings. A fair portion of 10 favorite gluten free snacks can be found at Magic Kingdom.

There are of course fruit and veggie snack options at various locations, along with yogurts and the like. This list will contain snacks that are more unique to the Magic Kingdom experience.

  • Dole Whip
  • Dole Whip specialty flavors (no cone)
  • Citrus Swirl
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream (no cone)
  • Popcorn
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bars
  • Enjoy Life Cookies
  • Select Ice Cream Flavors at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
  • Allergy Friendly Brownies
  • Smoked Turkey Leg (for real!)
  • LeFou’s Brew
  • Peter Pan Float (with no chocolate feather if cross-contamination sensitive)
  • Select items at Main Street Confectionary (mostly pre-packaged options) – if cross-contamination sensitivity is not an issue, you have more options, like candied apples

Disney is always making changes to the foods found throughout the park, so this list may not be inclusive. If you have a favorite gluten free snack at Magic Kingdom I would love to hear about it. And eat it…

peter pan float at magic kingdom. gluten free without the chocolate feather

Final Thoughts About Dining Gluten Free at Magic Kingdom

Well, there’s my rundown of all your options to eat gluten free at Magic Kingdom. As you can tell, the choices are actually quite extensive.

Whether you choose to stick to Quick Service restaurants to save money, or indulge in a Table Service meal, it’s pretty hard to go hungry at Magic Kingdom.

My biggest piece of advice is simply to research the menus and options as much as you can before your trip. Make sure you book your Advanced Dining Reservations for any of the restaurants which offer that. Once you realize all the safe options available to you, you will be even more excited about your Disney vacation!

Are you planning a Disney World vacation? To get started, read up on the beginner’s guide to Disney vacation planning. Learn more about Advanced Dining Reservations, as well as, the Disney Dining Plan. Also, start learning all about the Disney World FastPass system, as this can become your best friend during your trip. And once you’re ready, read up about what to pack for your Disney vacation.

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