Review of Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats 2020

Christmas Cupcakes at Magic Kingdom

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It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! That’s right, it’s time for some Magic Kingdom holiday treats! Every holiday season, Disney releases some special holiday treats at each of the parks.

By simple luck of timing, we were at Magic Kingdom on “opening day” of the Christmas season. So we made it our mission to try as many of the treats as we could. I still wish we could have eaten more, but I can’t truly complain!

If you want all the details of what to expect during Christmas at Disney this year, make sure you check out that link. also, I just put together a whole post about our experiences with Christmas at Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats

Right before the Christmas season opened up on November 6, Disney Parks Blog released a foodie guide which highlighted some special holiday treats at each park.

However, the treats they listed aren’t ALL of the holiday treats you can find. Most of the Quick Service locations, as well as some carts, have special holiday treats.

First, let’s take a look at what snacks you can find, then we’ll talk about the ones we were able to try.

  • Pistachio Chai Tea Float (Aloha Isle, Adventureland) – Pistachio soft–serve, spiced chai tea, and a red velvet cake pop ornament
  • Spice Up Your Holiday Chicken Sandwich (Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Tomorrowland) – Spicy chicken sandwich with Sriracha Aioli and Pickle Slaw topped with a Santa Mickey Brioche bun
  • Let it Snow Chocolate Taco (Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, Frontierland) – Sugar cookie taco shell filled with salted caramel and spiced chocolate mousse
  • Twice Upon a Cupcake (Main Street Bakery, Main Street) – A confetti Christmas tree tops a vanilla cupcake with a red velvet hidden Mickey
  • An Orange Bird Christmas (Sunshine Tree Terrace, Adventureland) – Orange–scented white chocolate mousse filled with orange curd
  • Chip and Dale Christmas Churros (Westward Ho, Frontierland) – Gingerbread churros topped with apple pie filling and chocolate chips
  • Belle’s Enchanted Christmas Tree (Gaston’s Tavern, Fantasyland) – Almond macarons with cranberry orange cream and yellow chocolate candies
  • Yuletide Wishes (Pinocchio Village Haus, Fantasyland) – Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate ganache
  • All Manner of Holiday Goodies (Confectionary, Main Street) – Seriously, just go in here and you’ll find Christmas themed cupcakes, rice treats, cookies, etc.

I swear, I also saw a holiday shake at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies, but I don’t remember what it was called and can’t find it on the menu. But it’s there!

Let’s Review Those Treats!

We managed to have several of the treats listed above, but unfortunately no all. The main goal was to try all 5 of the treats Disney highlighted in their holiday food guide release. And we successfully had 4 of them.

Enjoy these original pictures from Disney, mine certainly don’t look as snazzy!

We didn’t get the Twice Upon a Cupcake simply because I refused to wait in the line to get in. If you didn’t know, Main Street Bakery is actually Starbucks. There always seems to be a line there (I’m a non-coffee drinker, so I just don’t get it). Because of distancing the line has the tendency to go all the way down the block, wrap around the corner, and then some.

So we bailed on that one and got a holiday cupcake from the Confectionary instead. I would have a picture of it if my daughter hadn’t held the container sideways so all the frosting slid off…but it tasted good!

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t really eat most of these. But here are the thoughts of my husband and kids.

An Orange Bird Christmas

An Orange Bird Christmas - Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats

I think this is the one the family was most excited about. And who could blame them as it sounds delicious. Our Orange Bird definitely didn’t look as neat and professional as the one in Disney’s picture, but it was close enough to get the point.

My family devoured this treat. It was gone very fast, which pretty much says it all. I did sneak one tiny spoonful of the mousse as I couldn’t help myself. I was VERY jealous I couldn’t eat more.

The orange mousse on the inside was so light and delicious. This made it a bit more refreshing than some other treat options, which is important on a hot and humid day.

An Orange Bird Christmas, interior of treat

The orange curd in the middle is what really gave you that refreshing citrus burst. When combined with the creaminess of the orange mousse, it’s a delicious combination.

VERDICT: A must have

Let It Snow Chocolate Taco

Let It Snow Taco - Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats

I have to say, if I had better photography skills, this treat is crazy Instagrammable. It’s just so pretty! Trust me, my picture doesn’t do it justice.

My son refused to try it (he has rather picky tastes) but my daughter and husband were all over this one.

Doug says the shell itself was underwhelming, but the 2 different mousses inside were very good. The mousses were light and airy and pretty darn delicious, according to him.

When I asked Avery for her review, she immediately said, “Yum!” before I finished the sentence. She also really enjoyed the mousse but wasn’t impressed by the cookie shell.

Basically, the cookie shell is merely a vehicle for the amazing mousse. And so it’s not so messy.

VERDICT: Another must have

Let It snow chocolate taco - Magic Kingdom

Pistachio Chai Tea Float

Pistachio Chai Tea float - Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats

Here we have the one treat I was able to eat, once I gave the cake pop to my kids. I’m not going to lie, I was a little meh about it from the start. It’s been a while since I had anything pistachio or chai tea based, but I can appreciate both flavors.

On the whole, I found it to simply be too sweet and cloying, which made it feel on the heavier side. I felt like it needed a hint of tartness to it. Maybe if the pistachio soft serve was swirled with something.

It didn’t help that my kids were eating a Dole Whip at the time and my husband had a Dole Whip Float. Each with refreshing tartness from the pineapple and raspberry.

In the end, it was just too sweet and one note.

VERDICT: Take a pass in favor of better options

Chip & Dale Christmas Churros

Chip and Dale Christmas Churro - Magic Kingdom Holiday treat

This is perhaps the snack I was most disappointed about not being able to eat. I adore churros. If only these were made like Nomad Lounge’s gluten free churros!

There was a bit of a line at this little cart located in Frontierland, but the wait was worth. For me, I enjoyed the eye candy this snack presented. I mean, just look at the ooey gooey goodness?

However, it looks more fall-like than Christmas-like in it’s presentation. But maybe that will shift as the Christmas season marches on?

These were very messy for the hubs and kids to eat. This was compounded by the fact they didn’t give us any utensils! I even asked for forks and was told they didn’t have any.

So off Doug went to Aloha Isle to grab some spoons while we sat on the porch and watched a holiday cavalcade. Needless to say, it’s hard to eat these with a spoon. Even harder to eat them with no utensils at all.

When I asked Doug his opinion of the Chip and Dale Christmas churro, his whole response was underwhelming. “It was ok”. Well there you go, I guess.

Avery on the other hand really enjoyed it.

VERDICT: Give it a go, you never know

Spice of Your Holiday Chicken Sandwich

Spice Up Your Holiday Chicken Sandwich - Magic Kingdom

This one takes a rather large step away from the typical sweet treats. In fact, this one is an entire meal.

We stumbled across this one while going through the mobile order app planning on where to have lunch. The existence of this sandwich cemented Cosmic Ray’s as the winner.

Doug really enjoyed this meal. The sandwich itself was a good size. Of course, the Santa Mickey is a nice touch.

To be fair, I don’t know if Doug has ever met a spicy chicken sandwich he didn’t like, but he ranked this one pretty high up there. He said the chicken itself tasted just like the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich. Trust me, that’s a compliment from him.

He also liked the slaw that came on the sandwich. Said it gave the spiciness a nice cool crunch with was a nice balance.

Spice up your holiday chicken sandwich - Cosmic Ray's cafe

And trust me, he polished this sandwich off completely. It was definitely a good meal for him.

VERDICT: Absolutely try this

Belle’s Enchanted Christmas Tree

Belle's Enchanted Christmas Tree - Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats

I discovered this Magic Kingdom holiday treat when I went into Gaston’s Tavern to get myself a LeFou’s Brew. I was pleased to see it’s made out of macarons, which are typically gluten free.

The ingredient list excludes direct sources of gluten. However, there is malt extract as part of it, so your mileage may vary with that.

For everyone else, I felt the size of this treat was actually pretty decent. It’s not huge by any means, but it’s a good size. The macarons tasted like mass produced macarons. They weren’t out of this world, but they were good.

My biggest issues was the frosting. It bordered on being too sweet. I will be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of sweet frosting to begin with, so I’m definitely biased.

However, nestled inside the ring of red frosting was cranberry-orange cream, and that was delicious. The whole dessert would be a slam dunk if it was only the cranberry-orange cream and not the frosting. But it wouldn’t look as pretty.

VERDICT: It’s one to consider, especially if you like frosting

The Confectionary

Magic Kingdom holiday treats

So these aren’t “official” holiday treats, but they are certainly Christmas-y baked goods, so they count.

We stopped at the Confectionary on our way out of Magic Kingdom on our last day at Disney. It was a bittersweet moment!

But we got some of the treats to go so we could enjoy a little touch of Disney even after we left.

The display cases of the Confectionary are brimming with goodies, whether holiday themed or not. You certainly won’t lack for choices, that’s for sure.

In the end we chose a chocolate cupcake, an absolutely enormous cookie shaped like Mickey’s head, and a Minnie Mouse Rice Krispies treat.

A note for the gluten free eater: the Rice Krispies treats are not gluten allergy/Celiac friendly because Rice Krispies contain malt flavoring. But if you know you can safely eat Rice Krispies, these treats are a go for you.

Hands down, all of these treats were enjoyed by the family. It took my son and husband quite a few days to finish the cookie, pieces at a time.

VERDICT: A definite yes! It’s impossible to find something you won’t like.

Magic Kingdom holiday treats

Final Thoughts on Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats 2020

It was a great sacrifice to try all of these amazing holiday treats in the name of blogging (wink, wink). Well, it was for my family since I could barely eat any of them. But they were willing to take one for the team!

In the end, I most recommend An Orange Bird Christmas, the Let It Snow Taco, and the Chip and Dale Christmas Churros out of the standard Magic Kingdom holiday treats.

If you also like spicy chicken sandwiches, or plan to go to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe anyway, I highly recommend getting the Spice Up Your Holidays Chicken Sandwich.

And of course, the old standby’s at the Confectionary are always winners.

That still gives you a ton of options.

My main gripe has to do with just how limited the offerings are for people with gluten issues. Because I’m not overly sensitive, I can get away with some of these items. But people with true allergies or Celiac certainly cannot. It was a little painful watching my family enjoy these amazing treats while I couldn’t.

But clearly, Disney can’t accommodate everyone.

Magic Kingdom Holiday Treats Pin Image

Your Thoughts

Have you had any of these holiday treats at Magic Kingdom yet? What was your favorite? If you haven’t gone yet, which one are you most excited to try?

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