Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is Now Open!

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With much fanfare, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is now open to all guests! The grand opening ceremony took place on March 3, but the ride actually opened up for business on March 4, 2020. So far all of the reviews I’ve seen have been very positive about the ride.

Runaway Railway is the first ride in Disney history to include Mickey and Minnie. I don’t know how they managed to go this long without that! It was a hole in our lives we didn’t even know was there.

The ride is located in the Chinese Theater centerpiece of the park. This used to be the location of The Great Movie Ride which was an iconic Hollywood Studios ride.

The concept starts out as watching a new animated Disney short starring Mickey, Minnie, and friends. Then, through that wonderful Disney magic, you are able to enter the animated world. I seriously can’t wait to ride this!

If you missed it, Runaway Railway is now a Tier 1 FastPass option alone with Smuggler’s Run and Slinky Dog Dash. This makes for a VERY difficult decision come FastPass day. If possible, I would probably suggest having two different Hollywood Studios park hopping days to give you more FastPass opportunities.

Early morning crowds at Hollywood Studios have been extremely large due to everyone trying to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance. This has made it very difficult to take advantage of rope drop. As of right now, a popular strategy seems to do rope drop to get that boarding group, hit some FastPasses, and then leave. Guests then go back later in the day when things have slowed down a little.

We are coming into a busy time of year for Disney World. I highly recommend that you establish a good plan before your trip. Rope drop strategies on Slinky Dog Dash haven’t always equaled those short waits we are used to with rope drop.

Pick the ride you want to rope drop, but if the line looks too long right away, bail on that plan and move onto Plan B. Waits should hopefully decrease at least a little bit. For example, I saw someone report a 300 minute wait for Runaway Railway this morning. No really surprising considering it’s opening day. At the time of this writing, the wait is down to 105 minutes. Still a long wait, but way more manageable than 300 minutes!

Wait Times around 10:45a
Wait Times around 1:15p

I updated my Hollywood Studios touring plan to cover some of the changes that might be necessary to have a successful day. If you are going to Hollywood Studios at any point in the new few months, make sure you have a solid plan.

Are you excited about all the new rides at Hollywood Studios? Do you have a plan for getting on all the rides at Hollywood Studios? Let everyone know your thoughts below.

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