First Look at Polynesian Resort Room Renovation Photos

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Disney is offering fans a first look at the Polynesian Resort room renovations. Several months ago, Disney announced that the Polynesian would undergo a room and lobby renovation in advance of Disney’s 50th anniversary.

While the Disney Vacation Club section of the Polynesian has been open since the summer, the regular resort rooms have remained closed since lockdown.

That makes it a perfect time to work on these renovations! The Polynesian Village Resort is taking bookings for stays starting in late July 2021.

Polynesian Resort room renovations

Polynesian Resort Room Renovation Design

We knew from the initial announcement that the Polynesian room renovation would be based on the very popular Disney movie, “Moana”. Of course, this is a perfect fit for the Polynesian Village Resort.

Disney states that the color palette is inspired by the Pacific Ocean and the many islands you can find there.

The patterns on the wall and textiles throughout the room are a direct homage to Moana. In addition to that, you can find characters from the movie in artwork and directly on the wall design.

Wall paper design for new Polynesian Resort room refurbishment at Disney World

This renovation is what we call a hard goods renovation, meaning that EVERYTHING was overhauled. When Disney does a soft goods reno, it’s really just changing out bedding and some textiles.

That means all of the furniture and fixtures are brand new, from top to bottom.

My Thoughts and More Pictures

My first impression is pretty darn favorable! Disney has renovated a lot of different resort rooms over the past several years, and I’ve been concerned about the rooms getting “dumbed down”. Meaning turned into boring old white rooms you could find anywhere.

Let’s face it, part of the reason we all want to stay on Disney property is to feel like we’re staying on Disney property. Not at at the Marriot around the corner.

Between this renovation and the renovation of the Wilderness Lodge rooms, I feel like they’ve hit their stride. They are able to give guests a bright and airy room, while still maintaining the theme of the resort (and some Disney characters).

I love how the room looks so bright and airy, but still has color and personality thrown in there. The feature wall really gives you that “Moana” feel without slamming you over the head with IP references.

I also like how the couch turns into a small bed, giving families of 5 (or families of 4 with kids who don’t like sharing a bed) some extra space.

The renovated bathroom is spacious and airy. Disney specifically states that the colors and textures on the floor are meant to evoke a sandy beach.

You can’t see it in the picture, but behind the photographer is a separate toilet room with a door, allowing more than one person to use the bathroom at once.

This little counter nook might just be my favorite part of the whole design. I love color in general, and I definitely love a little Hei-Hei!

And what would a Moana themed room renovation be without some Moana artwork?

Looking through the images, I’m hoping there is adequate storage. There is one dresser with 3 drawers, one nightstand with drawer(s) and a closet.

I’m not going to lie, that might not be enough for my family of 4 to stay there for a week.

The beds are elevated and open, providing space to slide your suitcases, which is a huge space saver. If necessary, that also allows you to store more clothes with relatively easy access.

If you want to read everything Disney has to say about the Polynesian Resort room renovation (and see a brief video tour) you can find it on Disney Parks Blog.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of this renovation? Do these images make you eager to try out the Polynesian Resort soon? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. The rooms are lovely, but I feel as though the lighting is too bright. As a person suffering from epilepsy, I am keenly aware of the intensity of lighting. Sorry, but I guess this makes it a “no” for me.

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