Potential Regal Eagle Smokehouse Opening Date

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Disney remains completely silent on the official opening date, however, Google might have give us a clue. If you Google Regal Eagle Smokehouse hours, a curious things pops up in the sidebar:

After showing that the restaurant is closed every day, suddenly on Sunday February 9, 2020, it says it is open as of 11:30a! Could this be the official opening date? We don’t know yet, but we will soon.

Does this mean Regal Eagle will definitely open on February 9? Definitely not. But at least it gives us something.

Regal Eagle is a brand new quick service restaurant going into the American Pavilion at Epcot. Lucky for us, Disney has released the menu. As one would expect from the name, Regal Eagle Smokehouse will serve up traditional American BBQ. You can try barbecue styles from Memphis, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kansas City. You can get the full menu here. They even have the allergy menu listed!

And did I mention there are Muppets involved? I do love the Muppets!

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