Photos of Wilderness Lodge Renovated Rooms (2021)

Wilderness Lodge renovated room 2 queen beds and feature wall

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During fall 2019, Disney quietly began renovating the guest rooms at Wilderness Lodge. They never released any concept art, or really said anything at all regarding what to expect.

But now we finally have a look at the new Wilderness Lodge renovated rooms! You’ll find a bunch of pictures of the Wilderness Lodge renovated rooms at the end of the post.

If you want to know more about Wilderness Lodge in general, and find out why it’s my favorite, head on over to my Wilderness Lodge resort guide (updated April 3, 2021).

Wilderness Lodge Renovated Room Design

I was VERY nervous about this renovation. In recent years, Disney has definitely moved towards streamlined, clean design. Or as some people think, bland design.

With Wilderness Lodge being my favorite of all the Disney resorts, I was very afraid they would renovate the character right out of these rooms.

Fortunately, I’m happily surprised with the results! The design is definitely more streamlined, but is not devoid of personality. I LOVE the feature wall behind the headboards, the rustic mirror between the two chairs, and the little camp sign above the nightstand.

And the room has the special Disney references that make all the Disney resorts unique. The new refurbished rooms at Wilderness Lodge have subtle mentions of Bambi and Chip & Dale.

The colors are subtle earth tones which really works with the overall theme at Wilderness Lodge.

Overall, the room feels larger because the big bulky furniture is gone. For example, instead of at desk, there are now nesting tables. This still gives you a table surface when necessary, but the ability to tuck them away when you don’t need them.

The bathroom also sports not one, but 2 sliding doors, enhancing the space and privacy. Previously, there was no door separating the general room from the sinks.

Now there is a barn style sliding door, plus a pocket door leading into the bath and toilet. There is also a full length mirror on the outside of the barn style door.

Along with the room renovations, there is also new carpeting and lighting in the hallways.

Wilderness Lodge Refurbishment Schedule

In time for the June 6, 2021 reopening of Wilderness Lodge, all the rooms are complete!

Wilderness Lodge Renovated Room Photos

Wilderness Lodge renovated room 2 queen beds and feature wall

This gives you a general overview of the look of the room. Much cleaner lines than before and more floor space.

Wilderness Lodge refurbished room

The headboards give the room a lot of height, but let’s face it, the real star of the show is this feature wall. Can you spot Chip & Dale?

Refurbished room at Wilderness Lodge

Seating area with a small table in between. I love the splash of blue in an otherwise earth-toned room.

Wilderness Lode renovated room image

A decent size dresser with more counter surface. The dresser also has both USB and standard outets for all of your charging needs.

Wilderness Lodge renovated room

A nice size counter with coffee station and ice bucket. There is also a fair amount of closet storage as well as a dresser.

Bambi! What a perfect touch for a Wilderness Lodge room.

Wilderness Lodge renovated room looking into bathroom

A nice nod to privacy, you find a barn style sliding door leading into the bathroom. I think this was wise, as it’s always good to have additional privacy when you have 4 people sharing a room.

Wilderness Lodge renovated bathroom

There is a second door separating the sinks from the bath and toilet. I like the warm wood tones of the vanity contrasted by the cool tones of the countertop.

Wilderness Lodge renovated bathroom image

The bathtub/shower combination is a definite upgrade from the old style. And as with all the room renovations, shampoo and conditioner are in wall mounted dispensers.

This is actually a nightlight built into the wall. I ADORE this special touch!

This is the new carpet in the hallways leading to all the rooms.

Final Thoughts on the Wilderness Lodge Room Renovations

I think you can tell that I really like the renovations, and I am VERY relieved by that. There is something so charming and warm about Wilderness Lodge, and I think these rooms do a good job of continuing along that theme. They are not nearly as stark and white as many of the other recent renovations.

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Your Thoughts

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16 thoughts on “Photos of Wilderness Lodge Renovated Rooms (2021)”

  1. George J Bratsakis

    Very disappointed. My wife and I stayed every year at Wilderness Lodge Club Level from 2006 through 2019. The rooms always made our stay special! Especially the carvings of the wildlife on the bed posts(beaver, squirrel, bird and rabbit) now all gone. They even took away rooms on club level and turned them into Vacation Club properties, Not just the club level, but an entire wing. How sad! So we have started a new tradition staying Club Level at the Grand Floridian. All charm of the rooms at Wilderness Lodge gone forever.

    1. Yes, as of now it’s scheduled to begin renovations at some point in 2022. Other than that, they’ve given no details on what the reno will look like or what to expect.

  2. Renovated rooms look like cookie cutters from resort to resort. Different wallpapers same bland room… looks like all the “Magic” has gone to Hogwarts…

  3. If safe enough, next year I’ll be staying at Wilderness Lodge for the first time. I am booked to stay in a Nature View bedroom. Are those types of bedrooms getting renovated too?

    1. All of the rooms at Wilderness Lodge (excluding the Disney Vacation Club rooms at Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek) are getting this makeover. So yes, a Nature View bedroom will be included.

  4. OMG!!! I. Love. It!!! Wilderness Lodge is our favorite, too. Stayed here in 2008 and about to head home from here today. Spent few nights in Boulder Ridge Villas. Can’t wait to come back…preferably when it’s COOLER and HOPEFULLY masks no longer needed!

    1. I’m insanely jealous you were just there. Boulder Ridge is our home resort, I just love it. I’m also jealous the regular resort rooms get this fabulous makeover. I’m hoping Boulder Ridge gets a refresh in the room decor soon.

      1. Christopher Malarkey

        Honestly, the new look is bland. It no longer has individual charm. It just looks like any other resort. It doesn’t evoke wilderness as the name would suggest. It had rhat style before. Being rustic made it stand out in a sea of modern style resorts. This was ny family’s first choice for our trip but now we will be looking at others because it simply isn’t a unique place.

  5. I love this renovation! The accent wall is beautiful and the built-in night light is such a great idea. Thank you so much for the pictures and review. Love your blog!

    1. I am such a huge fan of this renovation as well. It’s probably the one I’m most excited about. This might be because Wilderness Lodge is my favorite, though. I am completely biased…

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