Free Disney FastPass Planning Printable

The Disney World FastPass system is wonderful and confusing all in one. However, if used properly, FastPasses can make your Disney trip so much better. Because why wait in line if you don’t have to? To go along with my guide to using FastPass at Disney World (seriously, a MUST read), I wanted to give you something tangible to help out. I present to you: my Disney FastPass Planning Printable!

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Why Do I Need a Disney FastPass Planning Printable?

Let’s face it, the Disney FastPass system is overwhelming. There are so many details to understand it’s kind of crazy. And that’s not even factoring in actually making the decisions of what rides to FastPass during what times. Clearly, there’s a lot involved in the whole process. That’s why it’s important to be organized with FastPass planners.

Everyone has different strengths when it comes to getting organized. Some people are visual while some can simply think everything through in their mind and reach a decision. Definitely play to your own strengths to get organized with your FastPasses.

However you choose to get your FastPasses organized there is one thing I know for certain: having a good plan in place prior to your FastPass booking window will increase your chances of getting the FastPasses you want.

I know this for a fact as I’ve been very successful getting every single FastPass on our list. We never wait on line for more than 30 minutes for ANY ride!

Curious how I manage less than 30 minute waits for all Disney rides? Check out my Disney FastPass strategies so you can get this result too! Because who wants to wait in line?

How to Get Your FastPasses Organized

So how do I come up with my successful FastPass plan? One of my favorite ways to organize myself for FastPass booking day is to write everything out. This way, all the information I need is right at my fingertips, streamlining the booking process. And trust me, you REALLY want to streamline the booking process…

I created this handy-dandy set of printables to make the FastPass booking process easy for you.

What Comes in the FREE Disney FastPass Planning Printable Bundle?

So, what exactly comes with your free Disney FastPass Planning Printable Bundle? Well, everything you need to keep your FastPasses organized while you plan.

The bundle contains a page for each of the Disney parks listing out all of the rides which are eligible to FastPass. Not every ride is on the FastPass list so make sure you double check! The FastPass lists also include height restrictions for any applicable rides.

Perhaps most importantly, the list also shows you which parks have FastPass tiers. By breaking your FastPass options into tiers, Disney is forcing you to choose between some of the most popular rides at Disney World. Let’s face it, if those tiers weren’t there everyone would be trying to book the same rides. My FastPass printable tells you which rides are in which tiers and how many rides you can select from that tier.

I cannot stress how important it is to know the FastPass tiers so you don’t waste time scrambling on booking day trying to figure it all out.

Finally, the bundle includes the FastPass Planning Worksheet to help you organize and prioritize your FastPass wish list. Print it out as many times as you like as you go through your planning process. My number 1 tip to boost success in getting the FastPasses you want is to have your FastPasses written down on the worksheet in priority booking order.

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Tips for Success with Your Disney FastPass Planning Printable

Curious how to leverage those printables into increasing your chances of getting the rides you want? Here are my tips.

  • Print multiple copies of the FastPass Planning worksheet to work on various drafts
    • In the end create your final copy, then also create a plan B list – it’s important to have back up decisions made before you get into the heat of the moment.
  • Your final list should be in order of booking priority, not park days (for 60 day FastPass booking only, 30 day booking window requires one park day at a time)
    • You book one FastPass at a time, not one day at a time. The system allows you to bounce around from day to day
    • Make sure the hardest to book FastPasses are the very first ones you try to get (Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are a few examples)
  • Make sure you map out what times you hope to book each FastPass right on the worksheet. It simply takes out some of the guesswork while you are under the gun
  • For hardest to get rides: if the only time you can get it hours away from your ideal time, take it anyway. At least you know you have it. You can try to modify it later
  • Make sure the final copy of your worksheet is ready to go the night before and sitting right there next to you when you book your FastPasses

Please, let me help make your FastPass planning easier! Sign up for the FastPass planner below and start feeling more organized!

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