Disney World Dining

There’s more to a Disney World vacation than just planning what rides you want to go on. Disney has become a place to expect great food.

There are more than 200 places to eat scattered around Disney World, and not all of them are located in the parks. In fact, some of the best restaurants are outside of the parks.

Whether you want to take advantage of decadent sit down dining or simply grab a quick meal on the go, it’s important to understand some of the lay of the land when it comes to Disney dining. As with all thing related to a Disney vacation, there are many tips you want to understand.

This section of the blog focuses on all things related to dining at Disney World. There are different sections for general Disney dining information, Disney restaurant reviews, and also a section geared towards fellow gluten free eaters.

Disney Dining Information

This section focuses on all the information you need to know about dining at Disney World. This includes information about making Advance Dining Reservations, the Disney Dining Plan, and so much more!

Disney Restaurant Reviews

With over 200 eateries to choose from, how do you know which ones to pick? You read Disney restaurant reviews, of course! This list is constantly growing as I try out more restaurants.

Gluten Free Disney Dining

If you are someone who follows a gluten free diet, make sure you check out my section devoted to understanding enjoying gluten free dining at Disney.