Complete Guide to the Best Shoes for Disney World

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The question of the best shoes for Disney World is one that often comes up on Disney planning groups. At a glance, this might seem like an inconsequential thing in the grand scheme of Disney planning, but your feet would disagree.

In addition to figuring out which are the best shoes to wear for Disney, make sure you put together a solid Disney packing list. There really are some totally unique things you should bring to Disney (updated March 9, 2023).

Why is it Important to Have the Best Shoes for Disney World?

If you have never been to Disney, it’s hard to get a clear picture of just how much walking you do each day. Of course, this varies based on a lot of different individual factors.

The faster you walk and the more hours you plan to spend in the parks, the more miles you put on your shoes.

On average, most people walk around 10 miles on a park day. Yes, you read that right: 10 miles. That’s a whole lot of walking. I’m sure you begin to see why your shoe choices are so important.

Then, you need to factor in some of the qualities that are unique to Florida and Disney. Florida is known for heat, humidity, and almost daily rain certain times of the year (from June through late September-ish).

That rain might only fall for 20 minutes, but fall it will. All of this combines together to cause swelling feet and potentially wet shoes.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Disney

There are several qualities that you want to consider when picking the shoes to pack in your suitcase.

1. Well Broken In Shoes

Whatever you do, don’t show up to Disney World with shoes that are brand spanking new. You will come to regret that decision, very fast. The shoes that you choose to wear to Disney need to be well broken in and assured of being comfortable.

If you already have shoes that you know are comfy and broken in, those are ideal. If you decide to get new shoes, make sure you have adequate time to break them in.

An excellent idea would be to break them in while taking frequent walks to get yourself ready for walking 10 miles a day at Disney.

2. Comfortable Shoes are Key for Disney

This seems like an obvious one, but I can’t stress this enough. However cute you may want to look, please focus on your comfort first.

Remember: 10 miles a day! I don’t care if you have arches of steel, leave your heels at home. Flat shoes are the only ones you want to consider for your Disney vacation.

Comfortable shoes for Disney reign supreme. Please, trust me on this.

3. Support is Important

While you choose those flat shoes, make sure they are supportive. I know how many people love flip flops and claim they could walk all day long in them. And I’m sure they can. But that doesn’t mean they are not damaging their foot in the process.

Later in this post I will recommend some sandals to consider as alternatives to flip flops if having open shoes is important to you. In general, you want a shoe that stays on your heel, has a supportive foot bed, and adequate arch support.

If you do want to wear flip flops, please make sure it’s a more supportive pair.

The walk around World Showcase alone is 1.2 miles

4. Breathable

As I mentioned above, Florida is hot and humid. Even if you choose to wear a sneaker, you want to make sure they are breathable. This is not necessarily the time to bust out your thick and sturdy hiking shoes. The more your feet breath, the less your feet sweat, and the better you feel.

5. Lightweight

This goes along with the breathability requirement. While you are walking those 10 miles each day, it’s going to feel better for your whole body if your shoes don’t weigh a ton. The lightweight qualities will also help make the shoes more breathable.

6. Quick Drying

I believe I already mentioned the frequency of afternoon rain in Orlando. But even beyond that, you never know just how wet you will get on Kali River Rapids. A pair of shoes that dry fast will drastically improve your comfort level for the rest of the day.

Before You Go to Disney…

I know I mentioned this already, but it’s worth mentioning again: take the time to break in your shoes. If you have a long day of running errands to do, throw on those new shoes.

You want to take every opportunity to make sure your feet like your shoes. The more time you spend in them before your Disney trip, the better off you will be during the trip.

On a side note, I understand that most of us are on a budget, and the thought of spending a fortune on shoes isn’t appealing. However, you also don’t want your once in a lifetime dream vacation to be ruined by the blisters you get from your cheap shoes.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to get good supportive shoes, but just keep this in mind. Your feet are about to take a beating, make sure you take good care of them.

Pack More Than 1 Pair of Shoes

It is also very important to pack more than one pair of shoes. I recognize that suitcase room can be scarce, and shoes take up a lot of room, but your feet will thank you. The reasoning behind this recommendation is twofold.

First, if your shoes do manage to get soaked in a big rain storm, they might not dry all the way through by the next morning. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to put wet shoes back on my feet to go walk another 10 miles.

Second, if one of your pairs of shoes starts to bother you for some reason, you know you have a back up pair on hand. I tend to switch between two good pairs of shoes over the coarse of a trip. This allows my feet to be in different shoes with different wearing patterns.

I have absolutely no evidence to back up this next claim, but it seems to be true for me. I feel like alternating between different shoes helps to reduce some of the foot fatigue because of the different wearing patterns. Again, I might be making this up, but it’s something to think about.

What Other Types of Shoes Should I Pack for Disney?

The main focus of this post is specifically on finding the most comfortable shoes for the Disney World parks and all that walking.

However, you won’t always be at the parks, right? So what are some other types of shoes you should toss in your suitcase?

  • 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes for park days
  • Pool/resort shoes – probably sandals to make it easier for runs to the pool
  • Special activity shoes – are you going to have a date night at a signature restaurant or wear a special outfit at any point in the trip?
Picture of shoes I've personally tried out at Disney World: Teva, Asics, Keen, and Brooks
My tried and tested shoes for Disney World

Best Shoes for Disney World

I have narrowed down the plethora of choices to the top choices I’ve come across via personal experience and research of popular shoes for Disney.

While I haven’t broken it out into separate categories, many of these shoes are unisex. So if you’re looking for the best men’s shoes for Disney World, simply look up the men’s version of each shoe.

Asics Gel Nimbus – My #1 Pick for Men and Women

I’m starting off huge and going straight to my top choice for the best shoes for Disney for men and women: The Asics Gel Nimbus.

I currently own the Asics Gel Nimbus 24 and love them. They are like walking on soft fluffy clouds!

Asics are known for their soft and supportive shoes. I have personally walked all over Disney World and Universal Studios in these shoes.

My husband also loves them and wears them to the theme parks. In fact, both of us just ordered a second pair because the price dropped and we love them that much!

In fact, I just ran the runDisney Princess Half Marathon in the Asics Gel Nimbus 24, so I know they’ll hold up!

Asics Gel Nimbus helping me run through Magic Kingdom in the runDisney Princess Half marathon
Asics Gel Nimbus helping me cruise through Tomorrowland!


  • You can easily find great sales on this shoe right now
  • One of the softest footbeds you’ll find
  • Very supportive and comfortable for long miles
  • Breathable knit material helps reduce rubs and hotspots
  • Asics is considered one of the top brands in durable running shoes


  • The Gel Nimbus 24 is being replaced by the 25, so it won’t be around forever!
  • Can be more expensive at full price
  • Won’t dry terribly fast

Brooks Ghost

Brooks shoes are known for their cushioning and comfort. I’ve worn Brooks as one of my go to running shoe for years, same as my husband.

I’ve also worn a couple different Brooks styles to Disney World. In fact I always have a pair of Brooks packed in my Disney suitcase.

The Brooks Ghost are a popular shoe and great for Disney World.

Because they are designed as a highly cushioned running shoe they provide excellent comfort and support. The shock absorbency helps protect your joints.

There are also a variety of colors available, allowing you to go neutral with color or go a little wild.

Alternately, try out ANY of the Brooks line of sneakers. All of them are comfortable shoes for Disney.

A note of caution: I’ve been a huge fan of the Brooks Glycerin for years. Due to a redesign in the Glycerin 20, I DO NOT recommend them at this time.

Hopefully this changes soon and they correct the errors they made, but until then, stick with the Brooks Ghost!


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Breathable materials
  • Shoes are light and designed to be comfortable for miles
  • Cushion level 3 out of 3 (according to Brooks)


  • Expensive
  • Won’t dry fast

Pro Disney Planning Tip: Brooks releases a new model each year. If you look for older models, i.e. the Ghost 14 instead of Ghost 15, you can often get good deals to cut down on the cost. If you find them for under $110, that is a great price.

New Balance Roav V1 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

The New Balance Roav V1 Fresh Foam Sneaker is a much more economical option compared to Brooks.

They are designed with a memory foam insert for increased comfort.

Part of what I like is they are designed as a slip on but have additional support with laces. The soft and flexible opening around the foot and ankle should minimize discomfort and hot spots.

Like the Brooks, New Balance offers more colors than any person truly knows what to do with.


  • More affordable
  • So many colors!
  • Very high reviews
  • Less of a running shoe look, more of a sporty look


  • Not as supportive
  • Not as durable as higher quality shoes

Skechers Performance Go Walk

All I can say is that people RAVE about the Skechers Performance Go Walk line for Disney World.

These are good for people who want a comfortable walking shoe without the look of a clunky sneaker.

This line of Skechers also comes in many different styles, allowing flexibility in your outfits.

Many of the styles are made with mesh fabric for great breathability on those hot Florida days.

I’m showing a couple of examples here, but there really are so many to choose from, for both men and women.

I would probably recommend this more as a secondary shoe, making sure you have multiple shoe choices on your trip.


  • Very affordable
  • Weighs only 5.55 oz.
  • Versatile with more outfit types


  • Will not work for all foot types
  • Not good for people with foot/shin pain issues – choose a more supportive shoe

Best Sandals for Disney

Sometimes, wearing sandals at Disney World rather than sneakers is just preferable, especially when it’s really hot outside. However, you want your sandals to fulfill all the same requirements as your sneakers, and that can present a challenge.

Keep in mind, sandals open up a higher possibility of blisters and hot spots since you are not wearing socks as a buffer.

Only wear sandals that you have tried and tested at home and are confident will be comfortable.

You’ll find that my recommendations skew towards hiking sandals. Simply put, hiking sandals are specifically designed to give good support for walking distances.

No, they aren’t necessarily the most stylish things in the world, but regardless, hiking sandals are my pick for the best sandals for Disney World.

Keen Newport H2

The Keen Newport H2 are one of my go to sandals for Disney World. I’ve spent full park days in them and felt supported and comfortable.

They must work some sort of magic with the foot bed to make them so comfortable.

The openness of the shoe allows your foot to breath and expand in the heat and humidity. This definitely helps up your comfort level for the day.

However, they do not dry as quickly as I would like. They are also admittedly on the heavy/clunky side.

These are definitely more of a hybrid sneaker/sandal than a sandal.


  • Unbelievably comfortable
  • Allows supreme breathability
  • Provides good support for all day walking


  • Weighs 10.5 oz.
  • Dries slowly when saturated
  • Can be expensive if you don’t hit a sale

Teva Verra Sandal

I will be the first to admit, some supportive sandals are just ugly. Why it has to be that way, I don’t know.

But I fell in love when I put on the Teva Verra sandal.

The Teva Verra has a daintier look than most athletic sandals while still providing the support needed for walking 10+ miles a day.

The foot bed hugs your foot and provides great support. The straps are adjustable allowing a customized fit for everyone.

Because these sandals aren’t big and bulky they go better with more outfits, even skirts and dresses.

The Teva Verra has now earned it’s place as my personal favorite sandal for Disney.


  • Very supportive
  • Breathable
  • Dry reasonably well
  • Highly rated for comfort and durability
  • Comes in a wide array of color choices


  • Can be a little pricey (though I was patient and grabbed mine for $34, a total steal)
  • Not as feminine as some might prefer

Sanuk Yoga Sling

The Sanuk Yoga Sling is a stylish and comfortable alternative to flip flops at Disney.

I admit I am not brave enough wear these on a full day in the park. However, they always go to Disney with me.

When I say these things are ridiculously comfortable I’m not exaggerating. I live in them all summer long.

At Disney I wear these on non-park days, pool runs, and for dinners out.

I have seen many women wear these at Disney World and rave about them. There isn’t a lot of arch support in the foot bed, which is the main reason I don’t wear them to the parks.

But that really comes down to personal preference.


  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Stylish
  • Available in many colors – more than you know what to do with
  • Take up very little room in your suitcase
  • Very affordable


  • Not as supportive
  • Slow to dry – once the cloth straps get wet it takes a while for them to dry off

Flip Flops at Disney World

I get it, some people just prefer wearing flip flops. I myself am a big fan of flip flops in my day to day life. If you feel that you absolutely want to wear flip flops at Disney World, take a look at styles which will provide as much support as humanly possible.

Oofos Sandals

Oofos sandals are becoming all the rage these days, with good reason.

I finally gave in the the hype and bought them as recovery sandals for after my long runs. To say these are supremely comfortable is an understatement.

These are literally designed with support and comfort in mind. It’s like you are walking on a cloud while your feet are fully supported at the same time.

On top of that, you can’t get more quick drying than this. There’s literally no fabric to get wet. The rubber material will dry super quickly.

I have not yet tried to wear these for a full day walking around Disney World. However, if you absolutely want to wear flip flops, this is the brand I would recommend.

There are several different styles available, and there are options for both men and women.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quick drying in the extreme
  • As comfortable as you could possibly hope for
  • Arch and food support
  • Durable
  • Available in multiple sizes for men and women


  • More of an athletic look, though they have some styles made to look nicer

FitFlop Brand Sandals

A wonderful reader of The Disney Journey recommended FitFlop as a preferred brand for all day comfort.

Shown here is the FitFlop LULU sandal. What I like about it is the heavily cushioned foot bed to provide as much support as possible.

Also, I like that the straps come so far back onto the sole of the shoe. This will eliminate some of the “flop” aspect which can fatigue our foot muscles.

And let’s face it, these are cute and will match any outfit you pair them with.


  • Can’t get more breathable than this
  • More stylish and will match with many outfits
  • Supportive foot bed
  • Very positive reviews on Amazon


  • Possible foot fatigue
  • Question of whether they will provide enough support throughout 10 miles of walking

Best Shoes for Kids at Disney

Let’s face it, we all want our kids to wear cute shoes at Disney World. However, it’s important to also be practical regarding their shoe selections.

Even if you have a stroller, kids will do more walking than they normally do. They also need good supportive shoes to make it through the day with happy feet.

What Shoes Should Kids Wear to Disney?

Fortunately for kids, they have shoe options that are not only comfortable but Disney themed as well. In fact, if you simply type Disney sneakers for kids into Amazon you get a ton of different options from Adidas to Vans and back again.

You will notice that some of the kid shoe recommendations are simply the kids version of the adult shoes recommended above.

Whichever shoes you choose to pack for your kids, make sure you have more than one pair for each child. Because you just never know when those kids will decide to jump into the huge puddle instead of walk around it…

Regardless of what shoes you pick make sure your kids have already logged some miles in them before your trip. You really don’t want to find out that the shoe rubs their foot raw in the middle of your Disney vacation.

Below we will look at some highlights of the best shoes for kids at Disney.

Disney Crocs

You can find Disney Crocs everywhere when you are in the parks.

If you think you want some for your kids, do yourself a favor and get them for your kids before you go on your trip. Odds are pretty good you will get them at a better price.

Crocs are a great option in terms of comfort, breathability and drying quickly. These would be great for water rides and pool days.

They also come in so many different Disney characters and styles, there’s bound to be one your son or daughter likes.

Asics Contend

I’m a huge fan of Asics for kids. I stumbled upon Asics specifically because I needed a more supportive sneaker for my daughter and her foot pain.

Both my kids have since walked all over Disney in them multiple times.

And they held up beautifully. Both the shoes and my kids’ feet.

The Asics Contend are just one of several styles you can choose from. They also come in a wide array of sizes appropriate for all kids.

The preschool sizes have the velcro while the grade school sizes are lace up.

They also have quite a few different color options to choose from.

The mesh uppers help keep the breathability factor while the footbed gives good support for those little arches.

Keen Newport H2

The Keen Newport H2 provides a hybrid between a sneaker and a sandal.

It provides the breathability of a sandal but the extra support that is found in a sneaker. Some kids just need a little extra protection for their feet.

This shoe provides them with the support but also with the hot weather friendliness of a sandal.

The sheer quantity of color options for both boys and girls is impressive.

Besides Just Shoes…

While the shoes you bring are an important consideration, there are some other items you want to make sure to have on hand for the trip as well. These will help to make your life a little easier.

Comfortable Socks

One way to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes is to partner them with an awful pair of socks.

I will admit, I am a snob about toe seams in socks, I absolutely hate them. I can feel them all the time, and I know I am prone to getting a blister on my pinkie toe if my toe seam isn’t perfectly placed.

Now, you may not have the same aversion to toe seams that I do, but a nice comfy sock will help keep your feet happy. My favorite sock brand in the world is Feetures.

Feetures come in different sizes, allowing you to get the size that fits you best to prevent bunching. And of course, my favorite feature is the flat toe seam! I feel absolutely nothing when I wear these socks, which is perfect.

Other considerations for these socks: they are quite low cut, to the point they are almost invisible under your shoe. Also, the sock has a back tab that comes up a little higher to provide protection from your shoe rubbing against your achilles tendon.

They are available in various thicknesses, depending on your personal preference. I tend to love the max cushion variety.

These socks also have compression around your arch, helping give your feet just a little more protection as you walk those 10 miles.

The styles are available for men and women. Really there are so many to choose from. They are definitely on the pricey side, so that’s a major consideration.

Since I use these for running and major walking, I buy new pairs here and there to add to my collection. To me, the extra expense is worth it to keep my feet happy.

Body Glide

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm can be an absolute lifesaver on your trip. I never go to Disney World without bringing some with me. Most of us have hot spots on our feet that are more likely to get blisters than others.

Applying Body Glide to these spots can help drastically reduce any rubs and blisters you might get otherwise.

Body Glide is also good for any other part of your body that is prone to chafing when doing a lot of walking in a hot and humid environment.


This is perhaps one of the best Disney hacks I came across before our first trip.

As I mentioned, I know that I’m prone to certain hot spots on my feet. I put moleskin on those spots at the beginning of the day and I don’t have to worry about rubs and blisters derailing my day.

It’s cheap and wasy to pack. Seriously, everyone should have this in their Disney suitcase.

Planning Pro Tip: Either pre-cut your moleskin or bring small scissors in your luggage. I once forgot this and had to attempt to cut my moleskin with nail clippers and brute force.

Final Thoughts on the Best Shoes for Disney

It can be tough to find cute comfortable shoes for Disney World. Most of use never even come close to doing the amount of daily walking required on a Disney vacation. Blisters and sore feet would be a major bummer.

That’s why it’s so important to find the best shoes for Disney World walking.

You know your needs best. Take my recommendations here and apply them to your knowledge of what your feet can and can’t tolerate. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Your Thoughts

Do you have other shoes that are you favorite shoes for Disney? Please share your thoughts and suggestions for any other shoes that you swear by for comfort.

Don’t forget to follow The Disney Journey on Pinterest and Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates.

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8 thoughts on “Complete Guide to the Best Shoes for Disney World”

  1. I just got a pair of orthofeet sandals. Not terribly stylish but oh my goodness! They are so comfy! Taking them to a couple national parks this summer before our trip to Disneyworld in October. But I’m gonna look into some of your other shoe suggestions as well! Can’t think of a faster way to ruin a Disney vacation than hurting feet.

    1. Absolutely! A blister would completely ruin a Disney trip. I like to have cute shoes in general (you should see my closet), but when it comes to what I wear at Disney, I have to go with practical and comfortable. I love those Teva sandals for Disney and any other places that require a lot of walking. My husband hates them, thinks they’re ugly. But they make my feet happy while walking 10+ miles a day, so they are winners to me.


      I just got a pair too, and they are SO comfortable. I’ve never had a shoe feel so amazing on my feet! Plus I love the 6 month comfort guarantee!

  2. I have major problems with plantar fasciitis at the moment and have invested in fitflop ballet shoes and trainers and they are amazing and will take them to Disney for Xmas

    1. I will have to try them out. I have off and on issues with plantar fasciitis myself. It’s a main reason why I tend to focus on wearing supportive shoes.

  3. Alison | Adventures By Alison

    Thanks so much for sharing this post! As a travel agent specializing in Disney Destinations, I love seeing these recommendations all in one place.

    I think some people that do not travel to Disney World often forget the importance of wearing good shoes during their vacation!

  4. I wear FITFLOPS. As a teacher, I wear these every day and my feet never hurt. I have been wearing them for about 10 years now and would not wear anything else when I teach or in Disney.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve never heard of this brand and I’m always looking for other comfortable shoe options.

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